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France Fears More Riots; Museums, Eiffel Tower To Close

Authorities across France braced Thursday for the possibility of more riots and violence at anti-government protests this weekend, holding emergency meetings and deploying tens of thousands of police and security forces. Museums, theaters and shops in Paris announced they would close Saturday as a precaution — including the city’s famed Eiffel Tower.

Police unions and city authorities met to strategize on how to handle the protests on Saturday, which are being held even though French President Emmanuel Macron surrendered Wednesday night and cancelled a fuel tax hike that had unleashed weeks of unrest.…

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NYPD Officer Faces May Trial In Eric Garner Chokehold Death

A New York City police officer accused in the chokehold death of an unarmed black man will face an NYPD disciplinary trial next May — nearly five years after the man’s pleas of “I can’t breathe” became a rallying cry against police brutality, an administrative judge said Thursday.

The judge rejected demands from Daniel Pantaleo’s lawyer to delay the officer’s department trial in the death of Eric Garner until July, when time runs out for federal prosecutors to file civil rights charges against him.…

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Palestinian Court Extends Detention Of Palestinian-American

A Palestinian court has extended the detention of a hunger-striking Palestinian-American activist who claims she was tortured in captivity.

The Jericho court on Thursday ordered that Suha Jbara, a U.S. citizen born in Panama, remain in custody 15 more days on suspicions she funded “illegal organizations.”

Jbara started a hunger strike two weeks ago to protest what she says is unjust treatment by Palestinian authorities.…

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Israel Calls For International Response To Hezbollah Tunnels

Israel’s prime minister is asking the international community to impose additional sanctions on the Lebanese Hezbollah and condemn the militant group in response to the discovery of tunnels stretching from southern Lebanon into northern Israel.

Israel this week launched an open-ended operation meant to expose and thwart what it says are tunnels built by Hezbollah aimed at infiltrating Israel.

Benjamin Netanyahu toured the operation’s area with a group of ambassadors Thursday.…

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THROWBACK: When The ‘Fake News’ Reported Bush Was ‘Amazed’ By Supermarket Barcode Scanner Technology

One last time, for the record: It was not an ordinary supermarket scanner.

A February 1992 newspaper story reporting that President George H.W. Bush was baffled by a supermarket barcode scanner when he visited a grocers’ convention in Florida fed into impressions that the president was out of touch, just as he was dealing with a reeling economy and fending off a primary election challenge at the outset of his re-election campaign.…

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Israeli Citizen Among Six Sentenced To Death By Hamas In Gaza

Six persons have been sentenced to death by a Gaza military court after they were convicted of collaborating with Israel by providing intelligence information. Five of the six will be hanged and the sixth stood in front of a firing squad.

One of those sentenced is an Israeli Arab woman, 45-year-old Amal Mahmud, who reportedly spoke with a relative in Gaza and this is how the information was passed to Israel.…

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Amazon Workers Treated After Bear Repellant Releases Fumes

Authorities say 24 workers at an Amazon warehouse in New Jersey have been taken to the hospital, at least one of them in critical condition, after bear repellant fell off a shelf and released fumes.

About 30 other workers were treated at the warehouse in Robbinsville on Wednesday morning. Most people were reporting difficulty breathing or burning in their throats.

Robbinsville spokesman John Nalbone told that the fumes from the bear repellant were contained in one area of the building’s third floor.…

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SHOCK: Ashdod Councilman Calls On The Jews To Participate In Xmas Celebration

It was a stormy first meeting of the Ashdod City Council on Monday, 25 Kislev, as Councilman Eli Nacht, who got up to speak, called on the community to take part in a Xmas celebration, a call that was met with shouts of disapproval, compelling him to step down from the podium.

During a council meeting in which the mayor presented the new members of the council who addressed the forum, a new councilman, Eli Nacht, got up to address the meeting.…

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After Briefing From CIA Director, Senators Blame Khashoggi Murder on Saudi Prince

Breaking with President Donald Trump, senators leaving a briefing with CIA Director Gina Haspel on Tuesday said they are even more convinced that Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman was involved in the death of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Bob Corker, R-Tenn., said he believes if the crown prince were put on trial, a jury would find him guilty in “about 30 minutes.”


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Diamond Smuggling Scandal Spotlights Shadowy Israeli Tycoon

A shadowy Israeli billionaire who made his fortune in the insular world of diamonds has suddenly found his empire in jeopardy after close associates were busted in a massive smuggling ring and an employee mysteriously plummeted to her death from his high-rise Tel Aviv office building.

Lev Leviev, known in Israel as the “king of diamonds,” has enjoyed close ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin and has a reputation for generous philanthropy to Jewish causes.…

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US Takes Aim At China, Iran, Russia Over Treaty Violations

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo took aim at China, Iran, Russia and others on Tuesday for violating numerous treaties and multistate agreements, and he questioned whether many pillars of international trade and diplomacy are still relevant.

Pompeo said the Trump administration is no longer willing to accept such transgressions and is acting to reform institutions that have formed the basis of the post-World War II global order.…

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Case Accusing Trump Of Profiting From His Office Moves Ahead

The attorneys general of the District of Columbia and Maryland said they are moving forward with subpoenas for records in their case accusing President Donald Trump of profiting off the presidency.

U.S. District Court Judge Peter J. Messitte approved the legal discovery schedule in an order Monday. Such information would likely provide the first clear picture of the finances of Trump’s Washington, D.C., hotel.…

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Proven Way to Increase the Life Expectancy of an ALS Patient by Three Times the Expected Norm

Is it true that ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease, causes those diagnosed with the disease to die within 5 years of their diagnose? The answer is yes, if the patient doesn’t get the right care. But the right care is not something that insurance plans pay for,  as extending life is simply not their goal. The average cost of caring for a person with ALS over the course of the disease is easily 2 million dollars, but by spending money on the proper care of a patient with ALS, the individual’s life can be extended by up to fifteen years or three times as much.…

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Rep. Velázquez, Colleagues Press NYPD On Anti-Semitism

Rep. Nydia M. Velázquez (D-NY) has led Democratic Members of the New York City Congressional delegation in pressing the New York Police Department (NYPD) for answers on how they are combatting what appears to be a recent wave of anti-Semitic acts. The letter comes shortly after a Columbia University professor found swastikas spray-painted in her office.

“Hate crimes and anti-Semitism have no place in our city, nation or society,” said Velázquez.…

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REPORT: Aron Hakodesh is Hidden in Ethiopian Church; Researchers Claim to Have Seen Items Used in Bais Hamikdash

The US-based Bible Archaeology Search and Exploration Institute (BASE) has announced that its scholars have (allegedly) pinpointed the location of the Aron Hakodesh from the Bais Hamikdash.

According to the BASE archaeologists, the Ark, a chest said to contain the two stone tablets inscribed with the Aseres Hadibros, was first shipped out to Egypt and then taken to Ethiopia.

“As unusual as this may sound, the BASE team has uncovered compelling evidence that the Ark may well have been spirited up the Nile River to an eventual resting place in the remote highlands of ancient Kush–modern-day Ethiopia,” BASE said, noting that while their theory is not 100 percent foolproof, it has “strong potential.”

The researchers claim that “a sect of Jews driven by King Manasseh from Israel took the Ark with them and transported it to Egypt from where they eventually sailed up the Nile to Ethiopia”.…

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Survey: US Manufacturing Grew In November

U.S. manufacturers expanded at a faster pace in November as new orders surged, a positive sign for domestic economic growth heading into 2019.

The Institute for Supply Management, an association of purchasing managers, said Monday its manufacturing index rose to 59.3 last month from 57.7 in October. Readings above 50 point to growth and manufacturers have expanded for the past 27 months.…

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Hamas Sentences 6 Palestinians To Death For Collaborating With Israel In Botched Gaza Operation

A Hamas-controlled military court on Monday sentenced six Palestinians to death for allegedly collaborating with Israel.

The court sentenced another eight defendants in Gaza to prison for various periods.

It was the most verdicts to be issued on a single day since the Islamic terrorist group wrested control of the territory from the internationally-backed Palestinian Authority in 2007.

Hamas has executed 28 Palestinians, the majority on charges of aiding Israeli security and intelligence agencies, since 2007.…

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Washington To Pay Respects, Bid Farewell To George H.W. Bush

George H.W. Bush is set to embark on his final tour of Washington, the capital city that is remembering the 41st president’s lifetime of public service that began in the Navy during World War II, ended with one term as president and was characterized throughout by what admirers say was his innate decency, generosity and kindness.

In Texas, students, staff and visitors have been flocking to Bush’s presidential library on the campus of Texas A&M University, with thousands of mourners paying their respects at a weekend candlelight vigil at a nearby pond and others contributing to growing flower memorials at Bush statues at both the library and a park in downtown Houston.…

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US Urges Europe To Impose Sanctions On Iran Over Missiles

The Trump administration is urging Europe to impose tough new sanctions on Iran over its ballistic missile program.

The U.S. and others condemned an Iranian missile launch over the weekend.

U.S. special envoy for Iran Brian Hook rejected Iran’s insistence that its missile program is defensive. He told reporters traveling to Brussels with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo that Iran’s missile development and testing is a threat and in defiance of U.N.…

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IT’S REAL: 1st New Concourse Opening At LaGuardia Airport

A new concourse with 18 gates is opening this weekend at LaGuardia Airport, part of a broader plan to modernize the dilapidated and oft-mocked facility.

The new gates are part of LaGuardia’s Terminal B and will open to passengers Saturday. The concourse also includes additional dining and shopping for those traveling through the airport.

All told, the $8 billion plan to modernize LaGuardia includes 72 gates in six concourses and two new arrival and departure halls, for a total of 2.7 million square feet.…

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