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12 Charedi Suspects Arrested in Mega-Fraud Case for Creating Fictitious Yeshiva In Beit Shemesh

Charedi protesters attempted to interfere with a police arrest of one of the twelve suspects that were arrested in Beit Shemesh yesterday under the suspicion of defrauding government monies. The suspicion is that a Charedi non-profit organization was used by the individuals to defraud the money.

Residents of the city were seen in a post that was published by the Walla News site shoving police officers and throwing eggs at them as they attempted to arrest one of the suspects outside his home. The police responded by spraying the protesters with pepper spray.

The ringleader of the scheme is suspected of opening a fictitious Yeshiva and registering 150 students who “studied” there, in order to receive stipends and scholarship funds from the Ministry of Education for those students.

The total sum of the money suspected of being defrauded is more than 1,000,000 NIS. During a routine checkup conducted by the Ministry on the “Yeshiva” they found only rubble at the address where the Yeshiva was supposed to be standing.

The Ministry officials immediately filed a complaint with the police and undercover detectives were sent to discover what the reality of the situation was. The investigators discovered that not only did the Yeshiva not exist, but that all 150 of the supposed students whose names were on the list submitted to the Ministry, were not studying in any known institute of higher education. Some of them were dropouts, while others were serving in the IDF.

The suspects were apprehended during the course of the day on Monday, with many of them being brought for arraignment hearing during the course of the day. Select others were released under special orders limiting their movement.

The accusations being leveled at the accused include: Obtaining defrauded money under aggravated circumstances, conspiracy to thievery, and money laundering.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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