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AGAIN: Another Chabad Chossid Harassed By Police For Asking Passersby To Put On Tefillin

Once again, a Chabad Chossid asking passersby if they wish to put on tefilin is the subject of police involvement. The latest incident in Israel occurred in the Big Center in Beit Shemesh, when policeman Alex Ben-Daniel arrived and distanced the shaliach from his mitzvah activities.

The Chabadnik is standing outside an entrance to the shopping center, located on Route 38, without a booth, without a megaphone, simply asking persons if they wish to put on tefilin. Nevertheless, this was viewed as unacceptable by the policeman, who ordered him to leave the area.

Chabad shluchim involved in asking persons to put on tefillin have been harassed by law enforcement in Israel in a number of areas, including one being fined by police outside the Jerusalem Central Bus Center. in a Tel Aviv mall,

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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