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SHE CAN STAY: Israel’s Supreme Court Overturns Deportation of American BDS Activist Lara Alqasem

Israel’s Supreme Court on Thursday overturned an appeals court ruling that agreed with the government’s decision to bar an American graduate student from entering the country over her alleged involvement in the boycott movement against the Jewish state.

The court accepted Alqasem’s appeal, saying her desire to study in Israel undermines the premise of her alleged support for a boycott. It said that if her deportation was based on her political opinion, then the state’s order was “a radical and dangerous step” that could erode Israeli democracy.…

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U.S. Navy Helicopter Crashes On USS Ronald Reagan In Asia, Sailors Hurt

A U.S. Navy helicopter crashed on the flight deck of the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan on Friday, causing non-fatal injuries to a dozen sailors, the Navy said.

The Navy’s 7th Fleet said in a statement that the MH-60 Seahawk crashed shortly after takeoff Friday morning while the carrier was off the Philippine coast.

All affected sailors were in stable condition and their injuries were non-life threatening, the Navy said, adding they ranged from minor abrasions and lacerations to fractures.…

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Twitter Releases Archive of 10 million Tweets From State-Backed Troll Accounts

Twitter is releasing all known accounts and posts related to “information operations” dating back to 2016, when it was first learned that foreign operators were using social media to meddle in U.S. elections.

Twitter has already disclosed the account numbers, but is now releasing the actual tweets, images, video and other information so that outside researchers can study them.

The company said Wednesday that the data comprises more than 4,600 accounts and over 10 million tweets, most affiliated with the Russia-linked Internet Research Agency and potentially linked to Iran.…

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Trump Asks Cabinet To Cut Next Year’s Budgets By 5 Percent

Dubbing it the “nickel plan,” President Donald Trump announced Wednesday that he’s asking every Cabinet secretary to cut their next-year’s budgets by 5 percent.

“Get rid of the fat. Get rid of the waste,” Trump told members of his Cabinet during a meeting at the White House. “And I’m sure you can do it.”

Trump said he couldn’t ask for the spending cuts earlier because he was working with Congress to increase funding for the U.S.…

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Facebook’s Election ‘War Room’ Takes Aim At Fake Information

In an otherwise innocuous part of Facebook’s expansive Silicon Valley campus, a locked door bears a taped-on sign that reads “War Room.” Behind the door lies a nerve center the social network has set up to combat fake accounts and bogus news stories ahead of upcoming elections.

Inside the room are dozens of employees staring intently at their monitors while data streams across giant dashboards.…

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Poll Finds Vast Majority Of American Jews Will Vote Democrat; 75 Percent Disapprove Of Trump

A new survey indicates an overwhelming majority of American Jews plan to vote for Democratic candidates in the upcoming midterm elections.

The poll published Wednesday was conducted on behalf of the nonpartisan Jewish Electoral Institute. It found that 74 percent of Jews plan to vote for Democratic candidates in November.

Overall, 75 percent of American Jews disapproved of President Donald Trump, particularly on his handling of anti-Semitism, the Iranian nuclear deal and his moving of the U.S.…

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Candidate in Pivotal NY House Race Tones Down Her Support For Trump

First-term Republican U.S. Rep. Claudia Tenney was an early supporter of Donald Trump who has drawn comparisons to the president by brashly claiming some people who commit mass murders are Democrats and promoting a petition to lock up Hillary Clinton.

That just seemed like good politics in an upstate New York district that went big for Trump in 2016. But now that Tenney is locked in a close race with Democratic challenger Anthony Brindisi, she’s shifted to a softer tone of bipartisanship and downplayed some of her earlier comments.…

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Mysterious Paralyzing Illness Found Among Kids In 22 States

U.S. health officials on Tuesday reported a jump in cases of a rare paralyzing illness in children, and said it seems to be following an every-other-year pattern.

At least 62 cases have been confirmed in 22 states this year, and at least 65 additional illnesses in those states are being investigated, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Similar waves of the same illness occurred in 2014 and 2016.…

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RECORD BREAKING! Mega Millions Jackpot Hits $667 Million For Tuesday’s Drawing

The Mega Millions prize was already giant, but now it’s absolutely massive.

The jackpot has surpassed the previous record for the largest prize in the game’s history, ballooning to $667 million ahead of Tuesday night’s drawing. The increase from $654 million reflects a surge in ticket sales.

The previous all-time record for Mega Millions was $656 million for a drawing on March 30, 2012.…

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Before Amazon or Walmart, Sears Was America’s Store For Everything

Before there was Amazon — or, for that matter, Home Depot or Walmart or Kmart — there was Sears.

From its beginnings as a mail-order watch business in Minneapolis 132 years ago, the company grew to become America’s everything-under-one-roof store and the biggest retailer in the world.

For generations of Americans, the brick-like Sears, Roebuck and Co. catalog was a fixture in just about every house — a miscellany of toys and clothes and furnishings and hardware that induced longing for this or that dream purchase.…

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NYC Reports No Shootings For Entire Weekend – First Time In 25 Years

Not one person was shot in New York City this weekend, the first time that’s happened since 1993.

Officials said Monday there were no shootings with victims reported in the five boroughs for all of Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The last shooting before the weekend was on Thursday morning in Brooklyn when a 25-year-old man was shot in the stomach.

The gunfire free record was broken Monday afternoon when a man was shot in the Bronx.…

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Schumer: Feds Haven’t Done Enough To Investigate Limo Safety

On the heels of a horrific limousine crash that killed 20 people in upstate New York, the Senate’s top Democrat is pointing to glaring gaps in safety data that he says exist because federal officials have not done enough to investigate limo wrecks.

Sen. Chuck Schumer is pointing a spotlight at the National Transportation Safety Board, which he says hasn’t thoroughly investigated a single limousine crash in the last three years.…

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What’s Known About Saudi Writer’s Disappearance

Veteran Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi disappeared almost two weeks ago while on a visit to the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul, sparking an international uproar involving the kingdom, Turkey and the United States that remains unresolved.

Khashoggi, a Washington Post contributor, had written columns critical of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the kingdom’s stalemated war in Yemen and its crackdown on activists and businessmen.…

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ANOTHER MEASLES INCIDENT Involving Frum Person In NY & NJ; Visited Monsey Locations

Rockland County officials fear residents in New York and New Jersey may have been exposed to the measles this month.

According to a release from County Executive Ed Day and County Health Commissioner Dr. Patricia Schnabel Ruppert, a traveler from Israel was found to be carrying the disease and visited several locations in Rockland, Westchester, and Bergen counties.

Residents are being warning they may have been infected by the unidentified traveler at some point between Oct.…

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Sears Files For Chapter 11 Amid Plunging Sales, Massive Debt

Sears filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection Monday, buckling under its massive debt load and staggering losses.

The question now is whether a smaller version of the company that once dominated the American retail landscape can remain viable or whether the iconic brand will be forced out of business.

Sears, which started as a mail order catalog in the 1880s, has been on a slow march toward extinction as it lagged far behind its peers and incurred massive losses over the years.…

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5 Jews Make The Forbes’ List of Top-10 Wealthiest Americans

Forbes published its annual roster of America’s wealthiest this week, and five Jews made the 2018 top-10 list.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg leads the pack at #4, with a net worth of $61 billion. He is followed by software giant Oracle’s Larry Ellison at #5 with $58.4b and Google co-founder Larry Page at #6 with $53.8b.

Fellow Google co-founder Sergey Brin falls a bit behind with $52.4b, leaving him at #9.…

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Marijuana Is Set To Become Legal Across Canada

On Oct. 17, Canada becomes the second and largest country with a legal national marijuana marketplace. Uruguay launched legal sales last year, after several years of planning.

It’s a profound social shift promised by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and fueled by a desire to bring the black market into a regulated, taxed system after nearly a century of prohibition.

It also stands in contrast to the United States, where the federal government outlaws marijuana while most states allow medical or recreational use for people 21 and older.…

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Google’s Waze Expands Carpooling Service Throughout US

Google will begin offering its pay-to-carpool service throughout the U.S., an effort to reduce the commute-time congestion that its popular Waze navigation app is designed to avoid.

The expansion announced Wednesday builds upon a carpooling system that Waze began testing two years ago in northern California and Israel before gradually extending it into Brazil and parts of 12 other states.

Now it will be available to anyone in the U.S.…

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