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BDE: Glenn Selig HY”D Among 4 Americans Killed In Afghanistan Terror Attack

Just a few days ago, YWN had published a Tehillim request for a missing Jewish man in Afghanistan. He went missing following the terror attack on a hotel in Kabul. His family was unable to find out if he was safe or killed. Unfortunately, their worst fears have been confirmed.

Glenn Selig HY”D, 50, of Tampa FL, was among 22 people killed when the Intercontinental Hotel was bombed and set ablaze. Selig and three other Americans are on the list of those killed in the attack.

“Unfortunately, we have received confirmation Glenn Selig was killed during the attack on the Intercontinental Hotel,” the Selig Multimedia representative said in the statement. “Glenn was a tireless professional, loyal friend and pillar of the community, but most importantly he was a loving husband and wonderful father.”

Selig was an award-winning investigative reporter at FOX 13 News in Tampa before starting The Agency, a crisis management company in 2007. He later established The Agency’s parent company, Selig Multimedia, Inc.

He had been president of Congregation Mekor Shalom, a Tampa synagogue, for the last two years, and was recently elected to a third term.

He grew up in Los Angeles, and went to Valley Torah High School.

In Afghanistan, Taliban officials have claimed responsibility for the hotel attack that killed Selig and the others and wounded more than 150 people, including 41 foreigners. At least 14 of their victims were foreign citizens, nine of them pilots and flight crew members from Ukraine and Venezuela who worked for a private Afghan airline, Kam Air.

The 13-hour weekend siege started Saturday when six militants in suicide vests and carrying automatic weapons stormed the heavily-guarded hotel, a popular destination for western visitors. The siege ended Sunday, but not without significant damage and a terrible human toll.

During the assault, video from the scene showed the hotel in flames and people trying to save themselves by climbing out of windows.

Kabul hospitals were overwhelmed by victims of the attack. Video from emergency rooms showed severely wounded hotel guests and workers caught in the ambush receiving treatment. Afghan officials said many of the bodies were burned, making the identification process difficult.

“The United States strongly condemns the attack on January 20 at the Intercontinental Hotel in Kabul. We can confirm that there were four US citizens killed and two injured. We offer our deepest condolences to the families and friends of those who were killed and wish for the speedy recovery of those wounded. Out of respect for the families of the deceased, we have no further comment,” State Department spokesperson Heather Nauert said in a statement.

A spokesman for Selig’s company declined to name Selig’s client for the Afghanistan work but a Tampa newspaper reported he was “in Kabul to explore a potential project on counter-extremism.” Several of his co-workers are said to have been wounded or injured in the attack. In what would be Selig’s final social media post, on January 17, he appears in a video on the streets of Dubai, United Arab Emirates, apparently prior to heading to Afghanistan.

“Just wanted to check in, let everybody know that things are going great here and I’ll talk to you soon,” he states on camera.

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