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B&H Photo Slams NY Post For “False Article” Alleging Gifts Only To Jewish Employees Who Have Babies

The NY Post published an article on Wednesday, that B&H Photo is calling outright lies, and defamation.

The article claims that B&H is being sued for giving Jewish workers a $2,000 bonus when having a baby, but gives nothing to non-Jewish/Mexican workers.

The article made sure to stress that the owner of B&H, Mr. Herman Schreiber, is a Satmar Chosid, and employees many Satmar Chassidim. They add that “having babies is a major tenant of their faith”.

The article also stated that the three plaintiffs claim they were encouraged to recruit illegal immigrants.

Following the publishing of the NY Post article, B&H fired off an email to their more than 2,000 employees on Wednesday night:

Dear B&H Employees,

I want to update you on a false and misleading story about B&H that was published tonight in the NY Post.

A few years ago, B&H settled claims with warehouse employees that we are all familiar with. Three employees did not accept the settlement. On Monday, the lawyer representing these employees filed a lawsuit containing various sensational claims. The lawsuit was settled two days later. The lawsuit’s claims were misleading and inaccurate, and were resolved years ago. The suit is riddled with preposterous claims and outright lies that were disproven in prior actions.

A NY Post reporter obtained a copy of the lawsuit and decided to defame B&H. The article says that we give only “Jewish workers $2,000 baby bonuses” when they have a baby (obviously not true), that we “recruit illegal immigrants” and are in the business of “selling tamales and social security numbers” (obviously not true; we E-verify every new hire at B&H), etc.

It is disappointing that a newspaper publishes such lies.

It is also disappointing that B&H’s practice of recognizing when our employees celebrate the birth or adoption of child or of an employee’s wedding or the wedding of a child with gift of $180-$250 has been misrepresented and used to defame the company.  [FYI — Please make sure to inform your manager if you are celebrating such an event so B&H can acknowledge your family.]

We wanted to notify you about this development immediately.

Thank You,

Jeff Gerstel
Chief Marketing Officer

(Charles Gross – YWN)

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