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FREE MONEY! Two Men Place NIS 40,000 In Cash Between Pages Of Tehillim In Ma’aras HaMachpelah

Mispallalim who arrived at the Ma’aras HaMachpelah were surprised to fine NIS 200 notes between pages of Tehillim.

According to an Arutz-7 report, two millionaires who recently won the state lottery arrived there and decided to assist mispallalim who have large families and have difficulty financially, those who come to daven at the holy site for parnasa.

The two were at the site this week and left NIS 40,000 between pages of Tehillim in NIS 200 notes. The word spread quickly and many hurried to the site to begin sifting through pages of Tehillim, leading to considerable damage. The administration of the site has decided to purchase new Tehillim to replace those damaged.

The report does not explain how the well-intended new millionaires would make certain the money fell into the right hands.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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