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ISRAEL: Stabbing Victim Stunned As Court Finds Terrorist Not Guilty Because His Knife Broke

Nirit Zmora was fortunate, for she is a survivor and did not die in the terror attack as the attacker intended. She was stabbed by an Arab in Gush Etzion in October 2015 and B’chasdei Hashem survived.

Now she endures the anguish of the Israeli judicial system, as the court found the defendant is not guilty of attempted manslaughter because his knife broke during the attack.

Explaining her pain and anguish, she sent a letter to the Ofir Military Court, asking that the maximum sentence be handed down against her attacker nonetheless. She explains that she writes at the behest of her family and children.

“I stand before you, the court, today, more pain the prior to the verdict, still hurting, stunned and appalled…it is important for me to explain I am not motivate by revenge. I ask the court to apply the maximum sentence to the murderer sitting here in accordance with the verdict, which I regret…It is easy for me to imagine not being here, but being like other victims, who were murdered. Due to the Chasdei Hashem, the knife broke in my back.”

Since the knife broke, the court feels it cannot prove the terrorist planned to murder her in the attack. Hashem Yerachem.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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