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Jerusalem Residents Angry as City Hall Hands Out Yearly Trees for X-Mas and New Year’s

Jerusalem City Hall decided once again this year to supply coniferous trees to Christian residents prior to X-Mas and the Christian New Year. However, Jewish residents from the city protested the decision as the tree symbolizes X-Mas.

According to the Jewish protesters, it is absurd for the city to distribute clear Christian symbols in city centers, while city workers are not seen distributing Jewish paraphernalia to Jewish residents for Jewish holidays. “There is no lack of Jewish holidays which they could choose from,” said one resident sarcastically to local Israeli media outlet Mynet.

City Councillor Arieh King responded to the complaints and said: “As opposed to what the resident claim, the Holiday of Chanukah is celebrated by the city in a very Jewish style. City Hall sets up Menorahs all over public spaces as well as special celebratory lighting and events that allow for all residents of the city to feel the holiday vibe.”

According to a City Hall spokesperson: “The distribution of the coniferous trees is something that has taken place for many years under Mayors from all different backgrounds. It is part of the policy of the city to encourage the welfare of all different races and religions who live here while allowing for the freedom of religion and expression. It is important to note that City Hall respects all religions and invests budgetary allotments for special lighting for Chanukah, (and lehavdil) X-Mas and Ramadan.”

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