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Man With A Knife Targets Jews In Zurich

An anti-semitic thug armed with a knife bullied frum Jewish children in a playground in Zurich, Switzerland, on Shabbos. The attacker was eventually restrained without incident B’chasdei Hashem.

The man was uttering anti-Semitic slogans, cursing Jews, witness report. Johann T. Shakas is quoted in the media saying, ” My children were out playing and my wife was talking to friends on the terrace. I had dinner with friends in the apartment.”

He explained the children were busy playing when the man arrived. Johann explains he went outside to ask the man if he needed something, “and he reacted very aggressively” he explained. Johann admits he was okay, but was concerned for the children.

He and a number of friends then maintained a presence outside the shul, stating the man passed by with a knife in hand. One of the Jews were able to restrain the armed man without incident. Police were quick to respond and placed the man under arrest in Zurich district 3 on Eichstrasse.

Police report the man is neither a Nazi or Islamist. He was questioned and released.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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