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NEW EL AL POLICY: Passengers Will Be Thrown Off Flights For Refusing To Sit In Assigned Seats

Just days after news reports of an El Al flight delayed for more than an hour after four Chareidim refused to take their assigned seats next to women, the airline has taken some bold action.

El Al Chairman Gonen Ussishkin announced on Monday, that any passengers refusing to sit next to other passengers will be immediately removed from the aircraft.

El Al’s response came just after Barak Eilam, the CEO of NICE Systems (a major Israeli tech company) announced Monday that his company would be boycotting El Al.

Eilam wrote on Twitter “at NICE we don’t do business with companies that discriminate against race, gender or religion.”

“NICE will not fly with El Al until they change their practice and actions that are discriminating against women,” Eilam added.

Chareidi men are known to frequently roam the aisles on El Al flights before takeoff, looking to exchange seats. Usually it is to avoid seating beside women or passengers who may use the in-flight entertainment system, or to make it easier to put together a Minyan for Davening during the flight.

However, it appears this practice will no longer be tolerated by Israel’s national airline.

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