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NEW TOOL: Credit Card Limitations For Get Refusers In Israel

According to a report that appeared in the Ma’ariv news service, the Ministerial Committee for Legislation passed the proposed bill submitted by MK Bezalel Smotritch (Bayit Yehudi) that would limit the use of credit cards by people Get refusers.

“Only with a continuous and long-term stubbornness will we succeed at eradicating the negative trend of Get refusers,” said Smotritch.

“This law was written in collaboration with Rabbinic Bais Din and is intended to add an additional sanction that can be used against men and women who refuse to either give or receive a Get. Whoever attempts to use Halacha as a tool to entrench their own position, will find all of us unified against them. We will continue to safeguard the Jewish holy framework of marriage, and we will make it extremely difficult for anyone who attempts to abuse that framework.”

Smotritch explained that one of the existing sanctions placed on Get refusers allows a rabbinic court to prevent the refuser from using checks. Now, credit cards will be added to that list. The point of the sanction is to convince the recalcitrant party to allow the divorce with their spouse.

Chief Rabbi and head of the High Rabbinic Court, Rabbi David Lau, praised the recognition of the law and said: “The passing of this law through the committee is another milestone in the uncompromising war against recalcitrant husbands and wives. I call upon all members of the Knesset to finalize this law as soon as possible in order to help those women and men who are chained and waiting for the release from their marriages.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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