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    Jewish Vacation


Kosher Alaska!

Why would you take a kosher cruise when it’s easy to keep kosher on an Alaska land tour? You’ll get a deeper experience of Alaska and meet more people. Here’s how:

Where Should I Spend Shabbat? Anchorage is a key stop for both cruises and land tours—and it’s also home to Alaska’s only orthodox synagogue. Juneau and Fairbanks have reform synagogues, but no temple or full-time Rabbi.  …

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Israel hosting 2 cycling competitions

Israel will play host to two international cycling competitions this spring, showcasing the unique and diverse terrain of this small Mediterranean nation. The two tours include:

1. Tour de Dead Sea (March 5): Taking travelers through the moon-like landscape of the lowest point on earth, the Tour de Dead Sea will attract more than 1,000 cyclists from around the world to ride along the contours of the Dead Sea in support of its candidacy as a finalist in the New7Wonders of Nature Competition.…

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TA announces culture events for 2011

Tel Aviv, the hip Mediterranean coastal town and one of Lonely Planet’s Top 10 Cities for 2011, has released a selection of art, culture, music and sport festivals that will entertain and intrigue travelers of all interests arriving to the Mediterranean coastal city through 2011.

The events include: Tel Aviv Jazz Festival (February 15-18): An annual highlight in Israel, the 22nd Tel Aviv Jazz Festival will showcase top international and Israeli jazz musicians in more than 20 performances at the Tel Aviv Cinemateque.…

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Traveling? Have Kosher Indian Food Delivered Anywhere in the U.S.

Pabla Indian Cuisine in Seattle, WA, will be allowing Americans to order their delicious Kosher Vegetarian Indian dishes with free delivery for a limited time only (we think until Pesach). Part of the profits will go to the local Torah Day School of Seattle, an elementary school started 5 years ago in Seward Park.

Pabla Indian Cuisine is under the supervision of: The Va’ad HaRabanim of Greater Seattle

This could be great for Kosher travelers, they could have delicious Kosher Indian meals delivered to wherever they are staying.…

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Not always unique to Jewish culture, our own food innovations are totally Jewish

THE JEWISH WORLD/CULINARY IN ISRAEL Judiasm 101: Jewish Cooking Jewish cooking is a unique synthesis of cooking styles from the many places Jews have lived throughout the centuries. Jewish cooking shows the influence of Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, Spanish, German and Eastern European styles of cooking, all influenced by the unique dietary constraints of “Kashrut” and other Jewish laws.   Many foods we think of as Jewish are not unique to Jewish culture.…

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Jerusalem Sees the Light!

“The Festival of Light in the Old City will provide, through the use of light, a dramatic and artistic dimension to the Old City’s nights”.

A week or so I posted on Facebook, Twitter and our Blog about the capital’s annual Light Festival, illuminating the walls and byways of the Old City. Now In its fourth year, I had (shamefully) not yet seen it though I had Facebook/Twitter posted about it and even blogged about it.…

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For Concerts and the Celebration of President Peres’ 90th, Streisand arrives in Israel.

HAPPENINGS IN ISRAEL Sunday June 16: Streisand lands in Israel. The Jewish American singer will be staying at the King David Hotel, Jerusalem. Barbra, one of the most successful entertainers of all time will be doing two concerts in Bloomfield Stadium, Jaffa, June 20 and 22. Barbra is receiving an honorary doctorate today from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and will be part of the 90th Birthday Gala for President Shimon Peres Tuesday evening.…

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On Her First Major Tour of Israel, STREISAND Chooses Jerusalem to Begin. BRAVO!

HISTORICAL SITES IN ISRAEL … In Jerusalem: Entertainment star Barbra Streisand waves during a ceremony at the Hebrew University after she received an honorary doctorate in Jerusalem, Monday, June 17, 2013. Streisand waded into one of Israel’s touchiest issues Monday on the first major stop of her tour of the country Jewish religious practices that separate men and women. DAN BALILTY — AP Photo

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Cisco to open new center in Israel

HIGH TECH/SCIENTIFIC ISRAEL The US technology giant Cisco plans to open a new research and development center in Israel, the company’s CEO John Chambers said during a meeting with Israel’s Minister of Finance, Yair Lapid. The new center is expected to offer 100 jobs to be added to about 2,000 employees who already work at Cisco Center in Israel. The new project, whose main focus is information security, will be based on knowledge accumulated at NDS, an Israeli high tech company acquired last year by Cisco for $5 billion.…

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The Magnificent City of Prague Welcomes You!

THE JEWISH WORLD Prague … The Jewish Quarter Whether you come for pleasure or business, our company is here to provide you with kosher accommodation in the heart of Prague Jewish Quarter (which is itself in City Center), kosher food and any further assistance you may require. Thanks to enlightened fathers of city at the beginning of 20th century (who, while demolishing the old ghetto, still decided to preserve it’s more important buildings) and later to crazy idea of Nazi occupants (who wanted to establish a museum of annihilated race there) the synagogues of Prague survived the whole turbulent last century.…

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Herzliya, Israel and the Top Ten Things to do This Summer!

Not far from Tel Aviv, Israel’s Coastal resort of Herzliya is offering a host of festivals throughout this summer of 2013! As a major “beach person” I personally love Herzliya as a modern resort city with some of the finest beaches in Israel. Named after Theodor (Benjamin Zeev) Herzl, the founder of modern Zionism, Herzliya is actually located at the northern part of the Tel Aviv District on the central coast.…

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What Every Good Jewish Mother Knows!

CULINARY IN ISRAEL Universally known by moms everywhere … Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Here’s a list of what to expect on your next trip to Israel:

Israeli Breakfast Foods: These dishes are universally popular in Israel…. We often eat them at home because they’re easy to make and very filling. A chopped Israeli salad is often served on the side.…

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Happy 90th Birthday Mr. President! Many more to come.

NEW HAPPENINGS IN ISRAEL Shimon Peres celebrated his 90th birthday in style, with a party last week attended by Bill Clinton, Robert DeNiro and Sharon Stone. But, the biggest gift of all came from the newly minted Dr. Barbra Streisand who performed at the event.    The birthday isn’t until August 2, but the celebration is this week. Israeli President Shimon Peres is turning 90 and there’s no shortage of big names heading to Israel to celebrate the world’s oldest head of state.The Jewish Press reports that the party got started in late May in Peres’ native Belarus, which was, when he was born, a part of Poland.…

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Jerusalem 2013: Greetings from the Roman Empire!

HISTORICAL SITES IN ISRAEL  Thanks to the need to install a new dainage pipe, archaeologists have dug up a 1,800 year old road in Jerusalem. Archaeological excavation prior to the installation of the drainage pipe has exposed for “the first time such a finely preserved section of the road in Jerusalem,” the Israel Antiquities Authority announced Tuesday.

The ancient road leading from Yafo [Jaffa] to Jerusalem dates to the Roman period of the 2nd-4th centuries was exposed in the Beit Hanina neighborhood in northern Jerusalem.…

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Dec 15, Hanukkah – Jewish Festival of Lights

Hanukkah (meaning dedication in Hebrew) is the Jewish festival of lights celebrated over a period of eight days and eight nights. The holiday falls between late November and late December of the secular calendar and has a joyous overtone.

Lighting candles with my family on the 5th night of Hanukkah

Commemorating the time when the Maccabees (Jewish rebels who had defeated the Syrians occupying Judea) had only one day’s worth of oil left to burn during a ritual cleansing of their ruined temple, to their surprise the oil miraculously lasted eight days.…

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Dec 15, Israel diamonds and the Israel Diamond Exchange

Did you know that Israel diamonds specifically the Israel diamond exchange is considered to be the world leader in the diamond industry featuring the largest diamond trading floor anywhere in the world?

I have to admit, I was surprised myself.


Located in Ramat Gan, which is a suburb of Tel Aviv, the diamond district is comprised of four buildings (Shimshom, Maccabi, Noam, and the latest 32 story Diamond Tower) interconnected with elevated walkways.…

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Dec 17, Dead Sea Spa – the best Dead Sea Spa Care and Resorts

The Dead Sea Spa is a concept that goes back to the time of Cleopatra, the Queen of Sheba. It is said that she frequented the Dead Sea, seeking to harness its healing powers hidden in the nutrient rich minerals.

Today, travelers come from all corners of the world to experience the healing and therapeutic Dead Sea spa resorts.

View of the Dead Sea from a resort hotel

Spa care includes a range of different treatments from mud and salt treatments to facial and cosmetic care.…

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Dec 23, Dead Sea Treatment Guide

The benefits of a Dead Sea treatment attract both casual travelers and patients recovering from a variety of chronic health disorders. We can’t list them all, but here’s just a tiny sampling:

Mud Treatment in the Dead Sea

Skin conditions – Psoriasis, Atopic Dermititis, Mycosis Fungoides, and several others that quite frankly we don’t know how to pronounce. Studies show that a few days spent at the dead sea every year are at least as effective in contributing to the disappearance of lesions and duration of remission when compared to conventional treatments.…

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Dec 23, Tel Aviv Restaurants – best places to eat

Share Your Favorite Tel Aviv Restaurant

Where was your tastiest Tel Aviv meal? Click here to share it with everyone!

Tel Aviv restaurants have flourished into a culinary capital thriving on the eclectic delights of fusion cooking.

My favorite Israeli meal has to be breakfast. And if you’re not a morning person, that’s OK – here’s why. Check out Benedict – All About Breakfast – 24 hour diner style with a European twist, located on the corner of Alenby & Rothchilde or if you’re further up north 171 Ben Yehuda St.…

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