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Stoning and Firebombing Attacks Continue In and Around Jerusalem

Arab attacks against Israelis and Jews are continuing despite the fact that the last of the security upgrades were removed from the perimeter of the Temple Mount on Wednesday night.

From 1 pm Thursday afternoon, until 8 pm Thursday night, three firebombing attacks with Molotov cocktails were reported, in Qalandiya north of Jerusalem, the northern Jerusalem neighborhood of Shuafat and in Abu Dis.…

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Menachem Av

This week we entered the month of Menachem Av; a month plagued throughout history with troubles for our nation.

Last Friday night, leil Shabbos mevarchim Menachem Av, a nineteen-year-old barbarian (pereh adam) broke into a home where a shalom zachor was celebrated and murdered three people and injured others. The kedoshim were the grandfather of the baby, his son and daughter R”l.…

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1 Injured in Stoning Attack Near Tekoa

An Israeli driver was injured Thursday evening in a stoning attack by Arab terrorists near the Jewish community of Tekoa in eastern Gush Etzion.

The driver’s vehicle came under a hail of rocks while traveling past the Arab village of Tuqu’a, near the Jewish community of the same name, Tekoa. There have been repeated terrorist attacks in that area in recent days.…

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Man: Preprogrammed For Greatness

Before the makkah (disease) Hashem prepares the refuah (cure). Yeshaya HaNavi began the rebuke of his nation with those words: “The ox knows its owner; the donkey the stall of its master; Yisrael doesn’t know, My nation doesn’t contemplate” (Yeshaya 1:3).

Rashi explains what he was saying. The ox doesn’t change its nature. It doesn’t say, “I will no longer plow.” The donkey doesn’t say, “I will no longer haul loads.” Each animal follows its nature, unquestioningly doing what it was created to do.…

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The Socialite Heroine Of The French Resistance

Suzanne Augustine Lorge was born into a prosperous Belgian family in 1905. At the age of twenty, she married Brussels-born dramatist/filmmaker Claude Spaak with whom she had two children, Lucie and Louis.

As the daughter of a successful Belgian banker and the sister-in-law of the Belgian foreign minister, Suzanne was accustomed to an upscale standard of living. Her husband Claude acquired some paintings by fellow Belgian René Magritte, a talented surrealistic artist, who later painted her portrait.…

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BREAKING: Arabs Attack Israeli Police on Temple Mount

Arabs rioting outside the Temple Mount compound in Jerusalem

by Andrew Friedman

Arabs attacked Israeli police on the Temple Mount Thursday as Muslim worshipers returned to the holy site after a 10-day boycott to protest Israeli security measures.


Livestreamed footage taken from the Mount of Olives, overlooking the Temple mount, showed thousands of people milling around the site, with the sounds of gunshots and ambulance sirens clearly heard.…

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Waqf Backtracks Twice as Israel Police Cave Again on Security at Temple Mount

Arabs rally near the Lions Gate outside Temple Mount in Jerusalem, July 25, 2017.

The Waqf and Israel Police were doing the two-step on Thursday afternoon in Jerusalem, with both reversing themselves on decisions over the Temple Mount, with Muslim mobs being used by the Waqf as the ultimate weapon against police.

Officials from the Jordanian Islamic Authority had suddenly discovered that the Bab Hutta gate, where two Israel Police officers were murdered by terrorists on July 14, was still closed to the public.…

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It’s All In The Approach

The entire book of Devorim is Moshe Rabbeinu’s last will and testament to his beloved Klal Yisroel, and was recited during the final five weeks of his life.

Moshe began by recounting the many sins the nation had committed during the previous forty years. However, in order not to embarrass or offend his listeners, he did not mention the sins explicitly, but rather alluded to them discreetly.…

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Intuitive Eating: How To Drop Your Diet And Make Food Your Friend

Have you ever seen a kid push away a plate of the most luscious chocolate dessert because she is full? What seems to require superhuman effort to us is completely natural to a young child who has not yet been taught to restrict food for weight loss or other external reasons. Before we learned to count calories, assign labels to food (“celery makes you skinny,” “cake is fattening”) or make food into a moral issue (“I was bad today because I ate pizza.”), food was simply an enjoyable experience, and a way to fill our bellies.…

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Netanyahu: This Shameful Week Was Disgrace to Judaism, Humiliation to Zionism

Likud Party leader Benjamin Netanyahu points to the Old City of Jerusalem, October 23, 2007.

This shameful week will be remembered for eternity as a disgrace to Judaism and humiliation to Zionism.

Who appointed you, the Prime Minister of Israel, to trade in the Holy of Holies of our people, to give up the place the yearning for which has united us and kept us together for two thousand years of exile?…

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Get Ready for Jerusalem 2021 Academic Weed Fest

A worker tends to cannabis plants at the Tikun Olam company facility near Tsfat, August 31, 2010.

The International Cannabinoid Research Society (ICRS) has chosen the Hebrew University of Jerusalem to host the International Symposium on the Cannabinoids in 2021 in Jerusalem.

The ICRS is the oldest scientific society dedicated to the research in the cannabis plant, cannabinoids, and their physiological and biochemical targets.…

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Israel’s Embassy in Jordan May Stay Closed

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hugs the security officer from the Israeli embassy in Amman Jordan who was stabbed by a terrorist. July 24, 2017

While Israel wants Ambassador to Jordan Einat Schlein and her staff to return as soon as possible to the Israeli embassy in Jordan, that probably won’t be happening.

It is very likely that the Israeli embassy in Jordan will remain as empty as Israel’s embassy in Cairo, Egypt, following the latest Jordanian demands.…

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The UN Does Not Want Palestinian Terrorists to be Held Accountable

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres

The former Secretary General of the United Nations Ban Ki Moon had a terrible history regarding his treatment of Israel. He vilified the country and absolved Palestinian Arab terrorists repeatedly. Unfortunately the new UNSG Antonio Guterres is following in those footsteps.


On July 21, 2017, a Palestinian Arab terrorist entered the home of a Jewish family in the town of Halamish and murdered three people having a Sabbath dinner.…

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Bedouin Price Tag: Retaliation Arson of Kibbutz Barn

Barn fire at Kibbutz Revivim

The residents of Kibbutz Revivim in the Negev desert in southern Israel, half an hour south of Beer Sheva, woke up early Thursday morning to the sight of yet another arson of their hayloft, with an estimated financial damage of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Late Prime Minister Golda Meir was Revivim’s most renowned celebrity. Her daughter Sara was a kibbutz member and her mother spent weekends in an apartment the kibbutz had given her after her retirement from political life.…

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The Short Vort: Is Nothing Sacred Anymore?

The Talmud records: (Bavli Shabbos 130a) “Any Mitzvah which the Jewish people were willing to sacrifice their lives in order to fulfill during the times of persecution, that Mitzvah is still ‘strongly held on to’ by them… for example the Mitzvah of not worshiping idols and the performance of Bris Milah”.


We have all heard of countless stories of how even during the holocaust Jewish mothers and fathers went to extreme self-sacrifice to have a Bris performed on their son.…

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Rightwing Activists to Conduct Funeral for National Pride outside Netanyahu Residence

The funeral announcement

The rigthwing party Otzma Yehudit (Jewish Might), led by former MK Michael Ben Ari, are planning to arrive at Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s residence near Paris Square in Rehavia, carrying a coffin containing “the national honor,” which they plan to bury after it had been killed, they say, by the government.

Otzma Yehudit, which is renowned for its street theater acts (they once crammed an exclusive swimming pool in Tel Aviv with Sudanese illegal migrants), say the national honor was murdered this week with the complete capitulation of the Netanyahu cabinet before thousands Arab rioters and one Arab murderer.…

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