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    Jewish Vacation


Church Gunman Worked As Security Guard At Resort

A manager at a vacation resort says the gunman who opened fire at a Texas church worked for the resort as security guard.

Claudia Varjabedian is a manager at the Summit Vacation Resort in New Braunfels. She told The Associated Press on Monday that Devin Patrick Kelley had been working there the past month and a half.

She says Kelley “seemed like a nice guy” and didn’t give her any problems.…

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Trump Stands With Japan, Denounces North Korean Aggression

President Donald Trump ratcheted up the pressure on North Korea Monday, refusing to rule out eventual military action and declaring that the United States “will not stand” for Pyongyang menacing America or its Asian allies.

Trump, on the first stop of his lengthy Asia trip, denounced North Korea as “a threat to the civilized world,” and exhorted dictator Kim Jong Un to cease weapons testing like the missiles he has fired over Japanese territory in recent weeks.…

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Who is Dov Hikind to our community? Dov is an elected official who has been there for every single individual, our mosdos, our institutions and our yeshivas. For longer than most of us can remember, when a Jew has been in danger, discriminated against, or in need, Dov Hikind made it his personal mission to help.…

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BOMBSHELL: Two Prominent Democrats Say Hillary Clinton ‘Rigged’ The Election [VIDEO]

Last year’s presidential primary between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders was “rigged” by the Democratic National Committee – just as Sanders’ supporters suspected – to hand the nomination to Clinton, according to a bombshell claim by Donna Brazile. The onetime Clinton confidante, CNN commentator and former interim Democrat party boss made the explosive claim Thursday while touting a new book that could sever her ties to Team Clinton for good.…

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Israel Police Forms ‘Har Habayis Unit’ Following Fatal Attack Claiming The Lives Of Two Members Of The Force

Israel Police has established a new unit that is responsible for maintaining law and order on Har Habayis. The new unit was formed following the July 2017 terror attackwhich claimed the lives of two members of the force, officers Kamil Shanan, from the village of Hurfeish and Hayil Sethawi, from the village of Magar. The unit numbers about 200 strong, including intelligence aspects and it is scheduled to become operational in 2018.…

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Israel Refuses to Release Bodies of Terrorist Buried in Exploded Tunnel to Hamas

Following the destruction of a Gaza terror tunnel by the IDF that straddled the Gaza-Israel border, members of Hamas and the Islamic Jihad requested that Israel release the bodies of the terrorists from the tunnel itself. The request came via the Red Cross who officially petitioned the IDF and Israeli government to make the release. However, Israel has refused the request.…

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KIDDUSH HASHEM: Frum Man Allows Disheveled Man To Sleep On His Shoulder On NYC Subway; Then Gives Food To Homeless Man

The attached images (see below) were taken on Wednesday on the Q train from Manhattan to Brooklyn.

An eye-witness took the photos and submitted them to YWN.

In his own words, he tells YWN the following:

“Upon entering a packed Q train in Union Square, I immediately noticed an observant Jew sitting on a seat, and on his left there was a disheveled man who from exhaustion has fallen asleep & rested his head cradled in the Jewish mans shoulder.…

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Dozens of Charedim Get Stuck Underwater On Way to Wedding

Dozens of Charedim who were traveling from London to Antwerp for a wedding, got stuck in a train that was travelling through the Chunnel (English Channel Tunnel).

The train stopped in the middle of the Chunnel due to a malfunction stranding all of its passengers, including those driving their private cars. The Charedi passengers were heading to Antwerp to participate in the Trisk-Tishaba wedding.…

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CIA Investigated Whether Hitler YM’S Survived WWII And Moved To Columbia

According to newly-declassified CIA documents, the United States investigated whether Hitler was alive in Colombia in the mid-50s. An informant told agents that the Nazi leader was alive and living in the South American country under a new identity. The source, codenamed Cimelody-3, also revealed that a former SS soldier, Phillip Citroen, had been in contact with the Führer in the city of Tunja.…

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KIDDUSH HASHEM: Jews In Toms River And Jackson Give Local Children Candy On Halloween [PHOTOS]

The attached images speak for themselves.

It may seem strange or awkward to many to see a headline on the Yeshiva World that speaks about Halloween. Although Jews do not celebrate Halloween in any way, many Jews around the Lakewood area used the opportunity to create a huge Kiddush Hashem and embrace their neighbors.

YWN has received dozens of emails from Jewish residents in Toms River and Jackson NJ confirming that they doled out candy to hundreds of non-Jewish children who were out “trick-or-treating” on Halloween night.…

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NYC Truck Attack: Investigators Scour Muslim Terrorist Background

Investigators worked through the night to determine what led a truck driver to plow down people on a riverfront bike path near the World Trade Center, brandishing air guns and yelling “God is great” in Arabic as his deadly route of terror ended with a crash, authorities said.

Eight people were killed and 11 seriously injured in a Halloween afternoon attack that the mayor called “a particularly cowardly act of terror.” The driver — identified by officials as an immigrant from Uzbekistan — was in critical condition but expected to survive after a police officer shot him in the abdomen.…

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Trump Rips Schumer After Manhattan Muslim Terror Attack

President Donald Trump is calling for “Merit Based immigration” following the deadly truck attack in New York City that killed eight people and injured 11. Trump says on Twitter Wednesday that the driver in Tuesday’s attack “came into our country through what is called the ‘Diversity Visa Lottery Program,’ a Chuck Schumer beauty.”

Officials said the attacker is an immigrant from Uzbekistan who came to the U.S.…

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73-Year-Old Woman In Critical Condition After Being Robbed in Dimona

A 73-year-old woman was violently assaulted in Dimona on Sunday after she had extracted her pension funds from a nearby bank. Following the incident ent she was taken to Soroka Medical Center in Beer Sheva for emergency medical care.

The woman, who has been identified as Larissa Tenkelovitz, had her family with her at the hospital. Her granddaughter, Yivgenya Tiomentzav said: “My sister called me after she heard the screams and saw our grandmother lying on the floor.…

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WAS THIS TERROR? Truck Driver Shoots And Slams Truck Into Bicyclists On West Side Highway; Multiple DOA’s

A motorist drove onto a busy bicycle path near the World Trade Center memorial in Lower Manhattan, striking several people Tuesday, then emerged from the vehicle screaming and firing what appeared to be a gun, police and witnesses said.

At least two bodies could be seen lying motionless on the path beneath tarps near mangled bicycles.

Sources tell YWN that the vehicle – possibly a box truck – drove down the bike path on the West Side Highway near Vesey Street on Tuesday afternoon 3:20PM, striking at least 4 bikers.…

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