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Mar 19, Pictures of Northern Israel

Favorite Pictures of Northern Israel?

Do you have favorite pictures of Northern Israel, Haifa, Galilee, or the Golan Heights?

Click here to share your pictures.

Often referred to as the Tuscany of the Middle East, Northern Israel is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful and diverse areas in the country, and a magnet for serious photographers.

The “North” as referred to by locals offers beautiful mountain scenery, flowing streams and waterfalls, and lush green landscapes. For me, northern Israel is the antithesis of Tel Aviv; quiet, serene, and peaceful.  

Lisa and I have literally hundreds of breathtaking photos of this region. 

Now, let us share some of our favorites with you!…

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Mar 18, Negev Pictures

Favorite Negev pictures?

Do you have favorite pictures of the Negev Desert or Eilat?

Click here to share you pictures.

Over 13,000 Square Kilometers (4700 Square miles) of desert landscapes constituting over half of Israel’s entire land area, the Negev desert and Eilat (the oasis at the southern tip of the Negev), offer some breathtaking photo opportunities.

Now, let us share some of our favorites with you!…

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Mar 18, Jerusalem Pictures

Favorite Jerusalem pictures?

Do you have favorite pictures of Jerusalem to share. 

Please click here to share your favorites.

With literally thousands of archaeological sites, dozens of museums, and countless things to see, do and experience, Jerusalem or “Jerusalem of Gold” as it is often called offers some amazing photo opportunities. 

Now, let us share some of our favorites with you!…

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‘A completely new travel experience’

I found the ideal candidate to try out the prototype seat in Lufthansa’s new premium economy class – tall, overweight and a senior citizen to boot. Namely myself.

I usually suffer from severe leg-room problems in economy-class flights and try to offset the anguish by trying fall asleep as soon as possible, but do not always succeed in finding a comfortable position.…

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The Travel Adviser: Encountering ‘The Cancellator’

At the dawn of commercial airline travel, schedules were made based on two factors – availability of aircraft and potential profitability. The larger the fleet, the more cities one could service. Airline pilots were plentiful, and flight attendant was considered a plum job which many a single woman and man used all their wile and wits to land. As the computer age dawned, airline schedules, while planned by man were plotted out in all their details by computers.…

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Six Wineries and Breweries to Explore in Israel

Six Wineries and Breweries to Explore in Israel

Whether you prefer wine or beer, Israel is a great place to explore new options amid growing industries. Consider these wineries and breweries as you plan your Israel vacation.

Due to its elevation, the Galilee is a popular location for wineries. Here are three wineries to visit the next time you’re in Israel or the Galilee.…

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Mar 15, Israel Pictures

Favorite Israel pictures?

Do you have favorite pictures of Israel to share?

Israel is really a colorful place in so many ways and our Israel pictures will bring it to life. If you have ever traveled to Israel or seen pictures of Israel, you can appreciate the natural beauty of this wonderful place. It is a land rich in natural beauty and history and a photographer’s paradise.…

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Mar 9, Zimmer in Nahsholim

A beautiful Zimmer in Nahsholim on the shores of the Mediterranean just west of the Carmel mountains; Seagull house operated by Yuval and his wife Inbal. This area offers it all; a nature lovers paradise as it sits right next to a nature reserve with many rare birds, including Seagulls year round and only steps away from Dor/Nasholim beach, where there is a cove offering beautiful white sandy beaches and crystal clear blue waters at the base of the ancient Phoenician city of Dor.…

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Mar 13, Tel Aviv, The Mediterranean’s New Capital of Cool

Tel Aviv is rated the ‘Third Hottest City’ in the world for 2011 by The Lonely Planet travel guide, and ‘The Mediterranean’s New Capital of Cool’ by the Wallpaper City Guidebook. The city is the perfect place for young travelers looking for a hip, exciting coastal attraction.

Israel is a cauldron of extremes: East and West, old and new, traditional and modern – they all dance in the country’s delicate balancing act.…

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Mar 13, Tel Aviv hotels – top places to stay

When you’re ready for some fun in the sun, Tel Aviv hotels offer a diverse range. Whether you’d like to stay on the beach promenade and enjoy the sunset, or just need a small clean place to crash – check out our recommendations:

4-5 star luxury hotels in Tel Aviv

Melody Hotel Tel Aviv

The Melody Hotel is located on the northern edge of Hayarkon street – an easy walk to the beach and old port boardwalk.…

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Mar 13, Car Rental Tel Aviv

If you don’t rent a car in advance over the Internet, car rental Tel Aviv is the way to go. As a visitor, you’ll actually get better deals than most locals since you won’t have to pay VAT. Just make sure you have your passport in hand. Like the majority of hotels overlooking the beach, many Tel Aviv car rental companies have branches along HaYarkon street.…

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Mar 13, Dead Sea Salt and Therapeutic Benefits

Throughout history, Dead Sea salt has surprised scientists, doctors, and health care professionals as they explored its effects on the skin. With over a million annual visitors, many travel to the region to treat a variety of skin conditions.

While the site’s location at the lowest point on earth helps to minimize the effects of harmful ultraviolet radiation, scientists quickly discovered it was the unique salt concentration of the water that produced dramatic improvement for a variety of skin conditions (psoriasis, dry skin, acne, hives, and much more).…

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Mar 13, Dead Sea

Have you been to the DeadSea?

Did you have an amazing time at the sea of salt? Tell us where you stayed and what you did!Click here to share your story.

The Dead Sea at 423 metres (or 1,388 feet) below sea level, is the lowest point on the earth and is known in Hebrew as Yam Hamelach or the Sea of Salt due to its high saline concentration.…

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Mar 13, Masada Israel

Masada is considered one of the most amazing historical and archeological sites in the world and is a must see for anyone visiting Israel and the Dead Sea area. 

Massada Israel (comes from the word Metzudah meaning fortress in Hebrew) is the site of the fortress built by Herod the great King of Judea, but is best known as a symbol of Jewish resistance, courage and the tragic events of the Great Revolt of the Jews against the Roman siege. 

Some facts about this amazing fortress:

Massada provides a very meaningful and unforgettable setting for families celebrating the coming of age of their sons and daughters at the Bar/Bat Mizvah ceremony.…

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Israel’s Short but Packed Marathon Season

Israel’s Short but Packed Marathon Season

The marathon season in Israel has already begun. If your travel plans include watching, or even participating in a marathon in Israel, there are plenty on the horizon. Many of these are annual events so if you are interested in one that has already passed, chances are, registration is already open for next year.

There are many running events in Israel, we hope these highlights help you with planning your visit or training schedule.…

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Adventure Spotlight: Bike Trails in Israel

Three Bike Trails to Explore

There are many ways to explore Israel. Active travelers will have quite the experience if they choose to tour Israel by bike. The sport of bicycling has become extremely popular in the country over the years. With the recent development of bike trails throughout Israel, biking is a great way to explore the numerous historical and cultural sites of the region.…

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Getting out in Jerusalem

 There are people, generally from less mountainous areas of the country, who do not usually associate Jerusalem with cycling. They would do well to think again.   Jerusalem Park offers all sorts of possibilities for visitors looking to hike, cycle or just take in some bucolic vibes. The park, in fact, comprises four individual green expanses – Tzofim River Park, Arazim Valley Park, Motza Valley Park and Refaim River Park.…

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A Guide to Tipping

-by Erin

You’ve enjoyed a lovely meal: The ambiance is perfect from beside the Vltava River, the River Thames or the Bosporus Strait, the food seemed to transport you further into the exciting city, and you feel a delicious sense of wonder about the world. Then the bill comes – how does one tip for such an experience? How do you keep yourself from being marked a tourist or worse – a cheap tourist?…

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Mar 6, Negev open its door

by Mavi (Arad, Israel)

Boker tov from Negev

Arad is located mostly on the western and southwestern Kidod Range, and the Arad Plain, which marks the southwestern end of the Judean Desert. It is located 23 kilometers (14.3 mi) west of the southern end of the Dead Sea, and is by road, 45 kilometers (28.0 mi) east of Be’er Sheva, 111 kilometers (69.0 mi) south of Jerusalem, 138 kilometers (85.7 mi) south east of Tel Aviv, and 219 kilometers (136.1 mi) north of the southern-most city of Eilat.…

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