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    Jewish Vacation


Kosherica Announces Its Most Luxurious Winter and Passover Vacations To Date

15% Off for Atlantis Yeshiva Break Bookings (expires  December 5). Hotels in Bahamas, Miami, Palm Beach, and Whistler Cruises to the Western Caribbean for Chanukah and the Eastern Caribbean for a Jewish Music Festival at Sea

Kosherica, the Glatt Kosher travel and leisure giant, is famous for its extraordinary attention to detail, exceptional fresh Glatt Kosher cuisine, and world-class entertainment. This upcoming winter and Passover, Kosherica will provide guests with the most sought-after luxury resorts and cruise lines in the world. …

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Synagogues and Stained Glass Windows: More than Decoration

Stained glass window in synagogueBy UCL News [CC BY 2.0], via flickr

Stained glass is a typical element of décor in the sanctuary of a synagogue.

But upon entry into a synagogue, the stained glass windows usually aren’t what people notice and or give strong consideration to, at least at first. When people do look at stained glass windows, they tend to think of the richness of the colors and admire the imagery portrayed.…

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Thoughts of a Traveler: Settling in to Tel Aviv

Part of our Travel Diary series where our travelers write about their experiences abroad and share it with our readers.

Thank you very much Stacey, for sharing and allowing us to share with all of our readers! 


Tel Aviv BeachBy Edmund Gall [CC BY-SA 2.0], via flickr

Hoopoe, the national bird of IsraelBy kkoshy [CC BY 2.0], via flickr

Shalom from Tel Aviv:  It is Saturday morning, and our fifth day in Israel.  …

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Gil Travel takes YOU to Tel Aviv Pride!

Tel Aviv Pride Parade 2014By Ted Eytan [CC BY-SA 2.0], via flickr

In honor of our very own Israel Pride tour coming up for Tel Aviv Pride 2015, Tel Aviv Pride 2015, we are unearthing some excellent Israeli LGBT history and insights- and we certainly don’t have to look far! Gay Tel Aviv has long been a safe haven for the Middle Eastern LGBT community, especially because of hostility often felt from all directions due to cultural and religious oppression that often drive people to this incredible cosmopolitan area.…

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Three Israel Haunts

Black catBy Sam Lavy [CC BY-SA 2.0], via flickr

Halloween is a favorite holiday that is adopted by many countries around the world. The popular practice usually celebrates this wonderfully spooky holiday October 31st and involves creative costumes and candy.

Regardless of the complex history of the holiday, it is a local favorite in communities in Israel as well, as the secular community especially enjoys dressing up and having a spooky blast!…

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50 Shades of Green

by Malori

It’s hard to say which of the many highlights of our recent tour in Ireland was our favorite. Was it the scone making class at the farm and the delicious fruits of our labor we got to enjoy with tea? Was it the 50 shades of green that dotted the rolling hillsides and farmland? To some, it was the endless rainbows we spotted or our never-ending search for the pot of gold and leprechauns.…

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Southern Israel‘s Biblical Sites to Explore

By Djampa [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Jerusalem is a very popular attraction for tourists who want to explore the Holy Land and learn about Biblical sites and history– but it isn’t the only location in Israel with Biblical significance! In southern Israel, there are several locations where travelers will not only be awed by the region’s beauty, but also learn about life in cities and other locations mentioned in the Bible.…

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N’shei Yeshiva Derech Chaim 23rd Annual Grand Event and Chinese Auction

N’shei Yeshiva Derech Chaim is known for the past twenty-two years for putting on a great Chinese Auction event. The 23rd Annual Grand Event and Chinese Auction Extravaganza, Blossoms of Joy, is sure to receive high praise in the annals of Tzedakah Events in the Jewish Community. The Chinese Auction architects have built a day of great excitement and JOY. Throughout the day, the shows will tantalize you, the prizes will excite you, free gifts with ticket purchases abound and the most generous special deals await you.…

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Yvel Jewelry: A Prestigious Israeli Brand with a Lot of Heart!

Gold rings with ruby and pearls

Israeli artists have long swept the globe with gorgeous designs and inspiring style, but few have reached the international prestige of the incredible Yvel Jewelry.

The Yvel Visitors Center which sits on the outskirts of Jerusalem provides insights into the rich history of the brand as well as their factory, showroom, and wine-tasting room. For an Israeli arts fix with an amazing amount of heart motivating their work, look no further than Yvel.…

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Jewish Film Festivals and the Jewish Identity

Q&A after a film screeningBy Wise Web Owl [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia

If you live in or near a major city in the United States, chances are you have access to a well-attended, high profile Jewish Film Festival. As a major part of the Jewish Diaspora and identities of American Jewry, film festivals have grown to number over 100 across the country in the past few decades.…

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Winter Whiskey Warmer

With the weather getting colder, it’s nice to have a warm drink to come home to!  Our Amazing Ireland travelers had the opportunity to visit the Kilbeggan Distillery and sample the whisky last week.  Here’s the recipe for our newest drink recommendation:

Winter Whiskey Warmer

1/3 part whiskey 2/3 part hot water 1½ t. brown sugar 1½ t. honey

In a pre-warmed glass, mix the ingredients.…

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9 Travel Tips for Visiting Morocco

Vibrant night market in MarrakechBy xavier33300 [CC BY 2.0], via flickr

No matter where you vacation or what time of year you travel, you can never know too much about how to prepare! Morocco is no exception, for it is a very unique destination with a variety of elements to consider. Before your next trip to Morocco, check out these Gil Travel approved tips!…

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Oct 17, Golf in Israel

Golf in Israel – Did you know that Israel offers one of the top 100 golf courses in the world?

Not only that but a genuine 18 hole Pete Dye design. The only course he has done outside of the U.S. 

My personal passion is “biking” and I am happy to share with you my favorite rides.

Please enjoy this “selfie video” taken at the trails near my house and Enjoy the Ride….…

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Exclusive Interview with Joan Nathan about Culture and Culinary

Food legend, Joan NathanFrom

As seasons change in the beautiful Holy Land, Gil Travel is gearing up for an incredible Culture and Culinary tour led by author and famous Jewish foodie Joan Nathan. Nathan is deep-rooted connections to the culinary side of Israel, which is reflected in her successful career as an author of cookbooks, articles, recipes and more!

This March, she will be leading a once in a lifetime tour with exclusive experiences made possible only by travelling with a mega-food-star like Nathan.…

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Why Small Group Travel

Benefits of Small Group Travel

Our small group Senior Tour in March 2014

Traveling in groups is NOT just for the young and restless anymore!

At Gil Travel, we recognize the benefits of group travel for people of all ages.  We combine the luxury and comfort of private traveling with the convenience and cost of traveling with a group of like-minded kindred spirits, all wrapped up into a gorgeous travel package led by one-of-a-kind tour guides and uniquely tailored experiences.…

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Culinary Tour of Israel

Gil Travel Partners with Award-Winner Author Joan Nathan to bring Travelers the best of Culinary Israel

A selection of saladsBy Jeremy Keith [CC BY 2.0], via flickr

There are dozens of unique features setting Israel apart as a legendary travel destination; the religious and historical significance of this incredible country keep it up to par as one of the most sought-after tour spots of the world!…

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Home is Where the Heart Is

by Malori

When I was seven years old, I decided I wanted to run away from home.   Was I bored in my current surroundings or was it the open road that was calling my name?   Was I hungry for adventure or needing to satisfy my curiosity about the world at such a young age?  That afternoon, I packed up my jewelry box (I guess I believed then as I do now in packing light) and shared my plans with my mom. …

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Fasting Tips and Israeli Salad Recipe

Best Break-the-Fast Israeli Salad Recipe and Fasting Tips

Find out how to make this delicious salad below!

Around the world, Jews will be fasting this Friday night through Saturday night in honor of Yom Kippur, or the Day of Atonement. And like any good Jewish holiday, even a day of fasting is all about food! For some of us, the most satisfying part of Yom Kippur- aside from the deep reflection and asking forgiveness for our sins of course- is getting to break the fast at the end of the day once the sun finally sets.…

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