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    Jewish Vacation


Temple Of The Heart

Model of the Beit HaMikdash

Whether it is up on the Temple Mount, or down below by the Western Wall, whether it is a conflict with other religions or within the different streams of Judaism, something that has been missing from our national and spiritual lives for 2,000 years insists on thrusting itself onto our consciousness again and again.

Inexplicably, Jewish movements and organizations that reject the right of Jews to live in the “occupied” Old City insist on gaining a presence at Ground Zero of the Middle East conflict.…

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Hezbollah Taunting IDF Spokesman: We’re Getting Ready to Invade Galilee

Hezbollah soldier holding up a taunt aimed at the IDF Spokesperson’s Office Avihai Adre’i

Hezbollah is not slowing down its relentless psychological warfare against Israel, in response to israeli threats to wipe out the clandestine Iranian weapons underground plants, both in Lebanon and Syria, which produce heavy missiles intended for the Shiite terror group, Nzivnet reported.

The picture above is part of this extensive psychological warfare, which includes tweeting propaganda images and hanging signs in front of Israeli communities along the southern Lebanese border.…

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California Imam Apologizes for Asking Allah to Annihilate All Filthy Jews

Sheikh Ammar Shahin in action

Sheikh Ammar Shahin of the Islamic Center of Davis, Northern California, who prayed that Allah “liberate the Al-Aqsa Mosque from the filth of the Jews” and “annihilate them down to the very last one. Do not spare any of them,” has re-thought his communications with the Devine.


According to the Anti-Defamation League, at a press conference with other religious and community leaders, Imam Shahin apologized for his anti-Semitism, acknowledging that “I said things that were hurtful to Jews.…

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Report: Newly Appointed IDF General Staff a No-Knitted Yarmulke Zone

Of the 24 high-ranking officers of the expanded General Staff forum seen here with President Rivlin, only two wore knitted yarmulkes. Now they, too, are gone.

The list of new appointments to the expanded IDF General Staff forum reveal that the last two top officers wearing knitted yarmulkes in the expanded forum are being replaced, Srugim reported Saturday night, suggesting this may be borne by the military’s attitude toward Religious Zionism.…

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Israeli Riot Dispersing Stink Spray Leaves No Impression on Indians

Israeli police spray Skunk water to repel rioters, July 17, 2009.

Israeli security forces have been using water cannons packed with the Skunk stink spray against Arab rioters for more than ten years now, and with great effectiveness. But when the Indian Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) tested it on rowdy crowds on the subcontinent, it turned out to be an abysmal failure.…

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Tears of Happiness / Tears of Sadness

Family and friends attend the Brin Mila (circumcision) ceremony of Ari Yosef, the grandson of Yosef Salomon who was murdered at last week terror attack in Halamish

Yesterday, as soon as I saw an invitation online to come to a Brit Milah, I said that I would attend. This wasn’t “just” another Brit–it was a Brit of a newborn boy, in the Salomon family.…

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IDF Military Court to Rule on Azaria Appeals

Elor Azaria’s attorney Yoram Sheftel.

The IDF military appeals court is to rule Sunday on whether or not to uphold the prison sentence meted out following the manslaughter conviction of Elor Azaria.

The former soldier was released to full house arrest at his parents’ home in Ramle upon his discharge from mandatory army service last week. He was being held on his base up to that point, pending appeal.…

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North Korean ICBM Can Reach NYC to LA

Hwasong-14 intercontinental ballistic missile – North Korea

North Korea carried out a second test of its Hwasong-14 intercontinental ballistic missile on Friday, in a test launch that allegedly confirmed it can reach the entire continental United States, from Los Angeles to New York City.

The Hwasong 14 missile flew for 998 kilometers (620 miles) at a maximum altitude of 3,724.9 kilometers (2,314 miles) for 47 minutes and 12 seconds before landing in the waters off Japan, according to the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA), an announcement that was independently confirmed by Seoul military analysts.…

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Danon: ‘Palestinians Always Have Another Excuse for Terror’

Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations Danny Danon

Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations Danny Danon told a special session of the UN General Assembly focusing on the UN Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy on Friday, “The Palestinians always have another excuse for their terror. They always seek to excuse the inexcusable.”

Speaking about the latest violence in Jerusalem, Danon pointed out, “Right now, the excuse is the Temple Mount.…

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Peace Partner: Jordan’s King Vows to ‘Stop the Judaisation’ of Temple Mount

His Majesty King Abdullah chairs a National Policies Council meeting at Al Husseiniya Palace on Thursday.

His Majesty King Abdullah II on Saturday congratulated himself before an assembly of local newspaper editors and journalists, saying “he spared no occasion to put the Palestinian cause and defend Jerusalem before the world,” according to the Petra state news agency, adding, “There is no voice that speaks better than Jordan as we carry out our historic political and legal role to stop the judaisation of holy sites despite the difficulties and challenges.”

It should be noted that Jordan relies on Israel for much of its economic stability.…

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IDF Raids Palmedia HQ in Ramallah for Incitement to Terror

Ramallah (July 24 2017)

IDF soldiers raided the headquarters of the Palmedia group in Ramallah on Saturday on suspicion the media outlet was inciting to terrorism via its content and broadcasts.

“IDF forces raided the offices of a broadcasting station in Ramallah which is suspected of manufacturing and distributing materials which incites terror,” the IDF said in a statement.


The soldiers “seized media equipment and documents used for incitement” in the raid, according to the statement.…

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Abbas ‘Okay’ After Hospital Checkup

Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas

Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas passed all of his exams at the private Al Istishari Hospital near Ramallah, according to hospital director Dr. Fathi Abu Mughli.

Abbas, 82, was at the hospital Saturday for a checkup that included blood tests and x-rays. He left after 90 minutes, according to the Associated Press.


A year ago, Abbas was taken to the hospital with chest pains and suffering exhaustion.…

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Radical Islamist Knifes 7 in Germany

Police cars outside refugee shelter in Hamburg

A radical Islamist already under watch by German security officials after expressing jihadi views, grabbed a 20-centimeter (nearly 8-inch) long kitchen knife at a supermarket in the Barmbeck district of Hamburg on Friday, and launched a terror attack.

The 26-year-old attacker stabbed one man to death, wounded two more men in the store and then proceeded to attack four other people on the street.…

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Arabs Riot in Jaffa

Police in Yafo (Jaffa) following Arab violence on Oct. 6, 2015.

Masked Arabs in port city of Jaffa burned tires, hurled objects and shouted slogans on Saturday in a riot that followed a shootout between police and two men who were fleeing the scene of a crime.

The protesters marched along Yefet Street chanting against Arab profiling and police brutality, according to Ynet.…

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Riots in Jaffa after Police Kill Arab Resident

Riots in Jaffa, July 29, 2017

Violent clashes took place throughout the day Saturday in Jaffa following the death of a 21-year-old man who was shot dead by police during a chase. The man’s family members and the rest of the residents in the majority-Arab city are outraged at police. Jaffa Arabs threw stones and set tires on the road on Yefet Street, one of the main drags in the city.…

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COGAT: ‘Woe to People Who Encourage Mentally Ill to Commit Suicide for Nationalist Ends

Weapons found hidden in Arab home in Samaria

During overnight activity IDF forces confiscated six illegal unlicensed vehicles in the village of Beit Fajar, home to Friday’s terrorist stabber at the Gush Etzion junction,” the IDF said. The terrorist was shot and killed as he was chasing a soldier with his knife drawn. The soldiers seized six illegal unlicensed vehicles during operations in the Judean Arab village.…

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Dear Dr. Yael

Baruch Hashem, I have a beautiful family and have a lot to be grateful for. However, along with brachos come challenges. For example, our nine-year-old daughter is an overachiever. She is pretty and smart, rarely getting a mark below 100 on her tests.

Dr. Respler, we do not set standards of perfection for our children. All we ask is that they do their best.…

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Jewish Rage?


As Israel braces for yet another day of Palestinian rage, Yishai and Malkah Fleisher ask where is the Jewish rage? Was it not Israeli police and an Israeli family who were murdered in this latest round of tension? And why is Jordan fanning the flames of hate? The Nine Days are indeed upon us…


Yishai Fleisher on Twitter: @YishaiFleisher Yishai on Facebook

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