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Mueller Probe Leaves Many Witnesses In Limbo

Over the last nine months, scores of men and women — some powerful and moneyed, others obscure and struggling — have crossed paths with special counsel Robert Mueller’s team of prosecutors. So far though, just four have been charged.

The rest — a colorful cross-section of people, banks and businesses — are in limbo. Some fear they may yet be charged, but most are witnesses who have had their lives upended by a rush of questions about Turkish and Ukrainian lobbying, efforts to obtain hacked material, interactions with Donald Trump’s campaign and about every imaginable contact they’ve had with Russians.…

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VIDEOS/PHOTOS: IDF Soldiers Beaten By Violent Palestinian Mob After Accidentally Entering Jenin


An IDF vehicle was attacked by a PA (Palestinian Authority) mob, including rock-throwing, after the driver mistakenly entered PA occupied Jenin. It did not take long for the non-combat but visibly marked IDF vehicle to be surrounded by the mob and come under attack.

The two soldiers inside the vehicle were injured and the female was transported to HaEmek Hospital in Afula in light-to-moderate condition.…

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Trump Jr.’s Wife Taken To Hospital After Opening Envelope Containing White Powder

Donald Trump Jr.’s wife was taken to a New York City hospital on Monday as a precaution after she opened an envelope addressed to her husband that contained an unidentified white powder, though police later said the substance wasn’t dangerous, authorities said.

The frightening episode happened after 10 a.m. when Trump, 40, opened the letter addressed to the president’s son at her mother’s midtown Manhattan apartment, investigators said.…

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SAVED FROM DEATH: Two Jews Had Tickets For Saratov Airlines Flight Which Crashed On Sunday

On Monday, 27 Shevat, a series of 9 major Jewish seminars was completed in nine different regions of Russia, including in Bruges Jeon in eastern Russia. Each seminar was attended by residents of the nearby cities, where the seminar was held.

The seminar was organized by Yachad, the umbrella organization of all the organizations and institutions for the benefit of thousands of young Jews in Russia, and hundreds of young people participated in the round with the best lecturers in Russian, who were brought from all over the world.…

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Israeli F-16 Crashes After IAF Downed Iranian Drone, Attacked Targets In Syria [VIDEOS]

An Israel Air Force fighter jet was targeted by Syrian anti-aircraft fire, forcing the pilots to bail out. The plane crashed near Kibbutz Harduf in the Lower Galil south of Shfaram on Shabbos. B’chasdei Hashem the crashing plane did not result in injuries or damage. One member of the crew sustained serious injuries and the second light, as they parachuted to safety.…

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Israeli PM: Airstrikes Dealt ‘Severe Blows’ To Iran, Syria

Israel’s prime minister said Sunday his country delivered “severe blows” to Iranian and Syrian forces and vowed to take further action against its adversaries following the most serious Israeli engagement in Syria since the war there erupted almost seven years ago.

Benjamin Netanyahu’s tough words to his Cabinet came a day after Israel carried out a wave of airstrikes in Syria.…

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Police Likely To Recommend A Criminal Indictment Against Aryeh Deri

After he was questioned last week for a seventh time by investigators of the Israel Police Lahav 433 Unit, it appears all but certain police are going to recommend the Attorney General move ahead with a criminal indictment against Interior Minister Aryeh Deri.

According to veteran news correspondent Moshe Nussbaum, police are wrapping up the case and will be recommending to indictment the Shas party leader.…

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Trump Questions Israel’s Interest In Making Peace

President Donald Trump questioned Israel’s interest in making peace with the Palestinians in an interview published Sunday, spotlighting settlements as a complicating factor.

In the interview in the Israel Hayom daily, Trump also cast doubt on the Palestinians’ desire to strike a deal. But his comments about Israel mark rare criticism from a president who has publicly sparred with the Palestinians while forging warm ties with Israel ahead of the expected presentation of a U.S.…

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‘Lady Doritos’? Company Says It’s Not Happening

Don’t expect to see “lady Doritos” on store shelves. The company behind chips said Tuesday that it’s not developing a line of Doritos designed specifically for women, despite widespread online speculation that it was.

The phrase “lady Doritos” trended on social media after PepsiCo’s longtime CEO Indra Nooyi said on a podcast that unlike men, women don’t like to lick their fingers after eating a bag of Doritos.…

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Yisrael Beitenu Continues To Promote And Encourage Chillul Shabbos

The Yisrael Beitenu coalition party headed by Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman is leading the battle against the new Shabbos Law, determined to continue the fight to permit businesses to open on Shabbos if they chose too. The coalition party did not vote for the bill, and Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman traveled to Ashdod on a Shabbos “to give chizuk to stores being Mechalel Shabbos” R”L.…

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SHOCKING VIDEO: Religious Girls Attacked By Young Men While Walking Through Meah Shearim

Two religious girls who are resdients of the Musrara neighborhood, walked through the streets of Meah Shearim on Tuesday and were attacked by dozens of young men who threw rocks and other objects at them. The young men cursed and screamed debasing insults at the two girls who were walking to their neighborhood.

The two girls had the objects thrown at them when they inadvertently walked near a protest by a fringe group of Chareidim who were protesting the alledged enlistment of a Baalas Tshuvah into the IDF.…

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WATCH: Mother Of Terrorist Who Murdered Rav Ben-Gal HY’D Calls On Her Son To Turn Himself In

The mother of the Arab-Israeli terrorist Abd al-Karim Adel Asi, who murdered Rabbi Itamar Ben-Gal HY”D at a hitchhiking stop outside Ariel, on Tuesday, 20 Shevat, condemned his actions and called on him to turn himself in to the Israeli security forces.

The mother, a woman in her 40s, a resident of Haifa, said of her 19-year-old son who lives in Tel Aviv-Jaffa: “My son has no right to hurt anyone, and I condemn him and call on him to turn himself in because his act will not help anyone”.…

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Chof Beis Shvat Dinner Featured Women’s Empowerment

Chabad of Georgetown, Brooklyn held their annual Chof Beis Shvat Women’s Dinner last night, filling Rabbi Avrohom Holtzberg’s Shul with close to two hundred women. The evening, emceed by Sterny Holtzberg, began with the candle lighting ceremony and the recitation of the Rebbe and Rebbitzins Kapital said by the Shlucha Rebbitzin Shulamis Holtzberg.

The first speaker of the evening was esteemed Rebbitzin Esther Sternberg who relayed her incredible stories of Rebbitzin Chaya Mushka from her first hand experiences with her.…

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OUTRAGEOUS: Spring Valley Man Who Killed Jewish Infant In Road Rage Is Sentenced To 1 1/3 To 4 Years

The Spring Valley man who pleaded guilty in a road rage incident that left an infant dead received a sentence of 1 1/3 to four years in prison Tuesday.

The Rockland County District Attorney’s Office says the sentence is part of a plea deal for Albert Gomez, 63, who pleaded guilty to manslaughter in November.

As YWN had reported, the 38-year-old mother and her kids – two girls ages 13 and 9 and a 3-month old boy in a stroller – were all walking along the westbound shoulder of the roadway when they were hit by a gold colored Toyota Corolla sedan driven by 62-year-old Albert Gomez, of Spring Valley.…

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Snow And Rain Expected Wednesday For NYC Area

A period of snow and sleet Wednesday morning could bring a few inches to parts of the Tri-State area, making travel hazardous for a time.

Morning clouds will break for some afternoon sun Tuesday. Watch for a few flurries early, mainly north and west of the city. Highs will make it into the upper 30s. Expect increasing clouds late Tuesday night with a low of 30.…

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2 Children Die in NYC’s First Pediatric Flu Deaths of Season

Two New York City children died from the flu Monday in what health officials said were the first confirmed pediatric fatalities linked to the virus this season in the five boroughs.

City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene officials said the deaths of an 8-year-old girl from Queens and another child could both be attributed to the virus that has also been blamed for at least one other death in the Empire State and at least 50 others across the nation.…

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NYC Mayor DeBlasio Faces Tough Questions At Budget Hearing In Albany

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio faced tough questions from state lawmakers about the city’s contribution to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority on Monday as officials in City Hall, the governor’s office and the Legislature continue to debate how to bail out a subway system beset by breakdowns and delays.

The Democrat told lawmakers at a budget hearing that the city, its residents and businesses already provide 70 percent of the MTA’s annual revenues and that it would be unfair to ask them to pay more.…

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