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    Jewish Vacation


This Week: Best January Events for Kids in NYC & Beyond, Top NYC Openings in 2013, How to Recycle Your Christmas Tree

New is the word of the moment in NYC. We have a new Mayor, a new Schools Chancellor and we're all excited about the new adventures in store for our families in the New Year. To help get you started, all of our sites have posted brand-new January Go Lists highlighting the absolute best things to do with kids throughout the month in NYC, Westchester, New Jersey, on Long Island and beyond.…

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Jan 1, All about Israel Culture

Israel Culture 101 is my take on the Israeli people and their customs through my perspective initially as a visitor and then as a resident of the country.

Israel Culture; did you know that?

The term Sabra (or Tzabar in Hebrew) is used to describe a native Israeli. Named after the fruit of the Opuntia cactus, locals figured the prickly pear is a fitting metaphor for the Israeli temperament – tough and prickly on the surface and sweet inside.…

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Jan 1, Jerusalem Israel – Your guide to the holiest and most ancient city in the world

The capital of Israel, Jerusalem is a remarkable city. ‘Jerusalem of Gold’ as it is fondly known, is considered holy by the three major religions – Christianity, Judaism and Islam. The city offers an experience unlike any other in the world.

Pulsing with cultural diversity, this 5000 year old city is frequented by millions of travelers annually. Yerushalayim (as it is known in Hebrew) draws each and every visitor into an experience of intense spirituality.…

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Weekend Fun for NYC Kids: Thomas the Tank Engine at NYBG, Three Kings Day Celebrations, Asian American Festival January 4-5

Happy New Year and welcome to the first weekend of 2014! The first days of January are always a little bittersweet as we watch all of the holiday sights come down, recycle our Christmas trees, and return to our busy school and work routines. But there's never a dull day in NYC. Monday marks Three Kings Day (a.k.a. the 12th day of Christmas) and this weekend brings early celebrations like Brooklyn's Three Kings Day Parade and a holiday family workshop at the Cathedral Church of St.…

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Jan 1, Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum

Recently reopened in 2005, Yad Vashem, literally meaning a “memorial and a name”, is the largest of Israel’s Holocaust museum. The entire museum campus is shaped like a prism covering over 44 acres and is located on Mount Herzl in Jerusalem

Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum by Bon Adrien on Flickr

The museum includes:

Holocaust History Museum – traces the origins of the Holocaust through documents, photographs, and relics culminating with a memorial displaying symbolic tombs showing the number of Jews killed by country as well as a tiny shoe that belonged to one of the 1.5 Million children murdered.…

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The Kosher Restaurant Trends of 2013

Over the last few years we’ve been noticing lots of changes and improvements in the kosher restaurant world, and while many of the trends below focus majorly on happenings in the metro NYC area, these are trends that we believe will have an impact on restaurants beyond the large Jewish enclave in the American Northeast and have a ripple effect across the US, Israel, and beyond.…

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Best Things to Do with NYC Kids: January 2014

Happy New Year… of Go Lists! This post marks the first anniversary since we debuted our inaugural NYC Go List back in January 2013. Since then, we've published 12 carefully curated roundups highlighting the absolute best things to do with kids every single month and we're back at it for 2014.

Even though our calendar and daily posts are always packed with fun and enriching events, our Go List helps families like you plan ahead so you don't miss the very best NYC has to offer—even I end up putting a bunch of the picks on my own personal calendar.…

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Gourmet K, New Kosher Meat Restaurant, Opens in Brooklyn

Gourmet K, Cafe K’s new fleishig sister, recently opened on Coney Island Avenue in Brooklyn. Ami and Shimon Liani, the two brothers who run the Brooklyn and Manhattan branches of Cafe K, claim that their Gourmet K menu is “hearty yet upscale, comfort food with elegance.”

Some of Gourmet K’s menu items include a grilled hanger steak with mashed potatoes and string beans in shallot and red wine sauce, chicken strips in coconut sauce, rib eye steak with asparagus and chimichurri sauce, and an array of delicious sounding desserts.…

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Shalom Bombay Reopens in Teaneck, NJ

For those of you who just can’t enough curry and think the rainy New York metro area’s winter is no where near as exciting as a proper monsoon, you’ll be pleased to hear that you can get an authentic taste of India at Shalom Bombay‘s new location in Teaneck, New Jersey! After closing two and a half years ago, we are excited to let you know that Shalom Bombay’s Teaneck location has officially reopened!…

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Freda’s Falafel is Now Kosher in 2 Miami, FL Locations

Freda’s Falafel, an organic and vegetarian falafel place located in both Hallandale Beach and in North Miami Beach, is newly certified Kosher under the Rabbinical supervision of the Va’ad HaKashrus of Miami-Dade.

Freda’s Falafel does not serve just falafel, as the name may imply. They also have all different flavors of pita pizza, such as za’atar pizza, albacore pizza, and Greek pizza with feta cheese and spinach.…

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Best of New York City for Kids 2013: 20 New Must-See NYC Spots

One of my favorite things to do over holiday break is look back through the 500 or so posts we've published throughout the year to remind myself of all the cool new places for kids that have opened since January. (Yeah, I'm nerdy like that.) Every year, NYC welcomes new state-of-the-art parks and playgrounds, outdoor ice-skating rinks, interactive indoor play spaces and even a museum or two, and 2013 was no exception.…

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BREAKING: Solo is Moving Downtown; Closing in Sony Building

This has been a busy year for the Prime Hospitality Group, owners of The Prime Grill, PrimeKO, Prime @ the Bentley, Solo, and Pizza da Solo, in addition to a few non-restaurant businesses. In January, The Prime Grill moved to a larger location only a few blocks from Solo. To differentiate, PHG turned Solo into a dairy restaurant, and less than 4 months ago transformed it again into a meat Chinese restaurant.…

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Recycle Your Christmas Tree: MulchFest NYC 2014

The holiday season is coming to a close, so whether you went and cut down your own Christmas tree or bought it at the corner deli, it's time to start thinking about how you are going to get rid of it. You want to make sure that your tree goes back into the land, not the landfill. The New York City Department of Parks & Recreation has a great program for turning your Christmas tree into mulch that's FREE and easy to do.…

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New Year’s Day 2014 for New York City Kids: Things to Do Together as a Family

One of the main reasons we live in New York City is to take advantage of all the amazing cultural experiences it has to offer year-round. If one of your New Year's resolutions is to get out there and do even more fun things with your kids, kick off 2014 with an enriching New Year's Day in our incredible city.

We came up with seven resolutions for families and then found activities to fulfill each one—all at places that are open on January 1, 2014 in NYC.…

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Dec 29, Hidden Treasures of Northern Israel

Northern Israel is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful and diverse area in the country, and a magnet for adventure lovers.

First a bit of geography:

Sometimes referred to as the ‘the North’ by locals, it is defined geographically by a border with Syria and Lebanon to the North, the Mediterranean Sea to the West, the southern tip of Mount Carmel to the South, and the Jordan River to the East.…

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Dec 28, Galilee Hotels and Other Great Places to Stay in the North

Galilee Hotels; our top picks for the best places to stay in the Galilee region of northern Israel for any budget from luxurious five star accommodations to more economical country kibbutz lodging:

Ramot Resort Hotel – Near the Golan Heights (Ramat Hagolan in Hebrew)

At the foot of the Golan with a wonderful view of the Sea of Galilee, the Ramot Resort Hotel offers well-equipped rooms and cabins surrounded by green lawns.…

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Ditmas Kitchen & Cocktails Opens in Los Angeles, CA

Inspired by his childhood Brooklyn neighborhood and named after the street he grew up on, Top Chef’s Alex Resnick recently opened a new kosher restaurant, Ditmas Kitchen & Cocktails. Although it’s named after his Brooklyn street, Ditmas Kitchenis located on W. Pico Boulevard in Los Angeles, and it sports a mixture of 2 identities: Casual & Refined. On one side, a bar with a long 20-foot communal table + bar stools.…

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This Week: Celebrate New Year’s Eve with NYC Kids, Three Kings Day Parade, More Amazing Holiday Sights in NYC & Beyond

Even though Christmas Day has come and gone, the holiday season is still in full swing in NYC and beyond. This week, we posted a slide show of over-the-top holiday houses from all of the regions we cover, even Los Angeles. And here in NYC, there's still a week left of school break to go out and try the 25 best things to do with kids over the holidays before the New Year comes.…

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Krispy Kreme is No Longer Kosher in Canada

According to the KSA (Krispy Kreme’s certifying agency in Canada):

The KSA no longer certifies any of the Krispy Kreme Canada stores. Corrective Measures have been taken to insure the removal of the KSA symbol off all products.

Here is a list of Krispy Kreme stores in the US that are Kosher.

Source: …

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Bistro Burger Opens in Great Neck, NY

From the same owners as Bistro Grill and Meat Me comes the new Bistro Burger, now open in Great Neck! 

Bistro Burger offers over 9 types of burgers, including the 1/2 pound Fire House Burger and the 1/2 pound Lam Burger, and all their meat comes from Grow and Behold, meaning it is pasture raised, antibiotic and hormone free. They also offer an array of salads, sandwiches, paninis, pasta and fish.…

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