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No-candy Halloween: Non-edible Treats to Hand Out on October 31

What's the first thing my family does to prepare for Halloween season? No, not make costumes or crafts or plan out our calendar. Our very first activity is to throw out all the stale candy my daughter has been hanging on to since last October 31.

Whatever you do with your child's Halloween haul—donate, repurpose, hoard or eat—there's no question that trick-or-treaters collect way too much candy.…

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Day of the Dead for NYC Kids: Mexican Culture Comes Alive with Día de los Muertos Family Celebrations

Even though the big night is still more than two weeks away, you're probably busy figuring out which Halloween events and activities you'll have time to hit this month as October 31 draws near. But how about mixing something multicultural into your celebrating this year?

Day of the Dead—or Día de los Muertos as it's known in Spanish—is observed by many Latino cultures.…

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Free Halloween Parades for New York City Kids 2013

Everyone loves a parade, which means we're all absolutely smitten with Halloween parades. While we think every family should take the kids to the big Village Halloween Parade at least once, it can be pretty scary. It's always insanely crowded and loud, and many of the costumes are risqué, gory or in poor taste (which we happen to love, but we realize not every parent feels that way).…

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A presidential landscape

Nearly 70 years ago, the 32nd president of the United States passed away on April 12, 1945, in Warm Springs, Georgia. A day later, the long rail cortege headed up north to Hyde Park, NY, the ancestral home of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, where he had chosen to be buried in a small garden northeast of his residence, high above the majestic Hudson River.…

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Airline fees you may not hate

-by Erin

Within the past few years, passengers have been hit with airline fees for seemingly every part of your trip.  From booking your flight with an actual person on the phone to checking your suitcase to enjoying an in-flight snack, each transaction had travelers opening up their wallet again and again.  It was maddening how things that were once included in your day of travel are now a la carte with additional costs.  …

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Marble Hill: 5 Things to Do with Kids in a Neighborhood You’ve Never Heard Of

Marble Hill features an interesting mix of architecture, including Victorian houses with porches and front yards… Stately apartment buildings with rounded facades… And the gorgeous St. Stephen's United Methodist Church, which dates back to 1897 The Broadway Bridge offers lovely views of the Harlem River Marble Hill Playground, the sole romping spot in the neighborhood Another lovely old Marble Hill house that doesn't look like it belongs in NYC More interesting architecture

Question: What's the northernmost neighborhood in Manhattan?…

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This Week: Columbus Day Weekend Fun, Best Halloween Events for NYC Kids, Mommy Poppins Night at the New Victory Theater

The Columbus Day holiday weekend is the big to-do on all of our sites—and probably at your family dinner table, too. Three whole days off! The perfect time to take a family day trip (our Travel site has some great holiday weekend discounts), or go pumpkin picking, or prepare for the Halloween season by hitting a costume swap, making some creepy crafts and putting the absolute best seasonal celebrations in your calendar.…

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Michael Solomonov’s Culinary Israel

The first couple days of Chef Michael Solomonov’s Culinary Tour of Israel

The group arrived in Israel early on Monday morning and after what probably didn’t feel like enough down time, headed to the Old City of Jerusalem. They entered the Old City through the Jaffa Gate, passing vendors selling all types of breads and pastries traditional to the area. They passed by the Tower of David; named by Byzantine Christians who believed this great construction to have been built by King David based on King David’s son Solomon’s “Song of Songs” which says “Thy neck is like the Tower of David built with turrets, whereon there hang a thousand shields, all the armor of the mighty men.” (Song of Songs, 4:4).…

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Columbus Day Weekend for NYC Kids: Little Red Lighthouse Festival, Haunted Pumpkin Garden, Open House NY October 12-14

The Columbus Day holiday is upon us and there are so many fun events for families, you're going to wish it was a five-day weekend. Explore historic houses and architectural wonders, including the iconic Little Red Lighthouse, at the citywide Open House NY fest. Watch colorful winged creatures fly free at the opening of the American Museum of Natural History's annual butterfly exhibit or enjoy face time with the new penguin at the New York Aquarium.…

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Weekend Tour: A Galilee gem

Time seems to have stood still in the picturesque Galilee village of Peki’in. Settled on a mountain slope, it is home to some 5,000 inhabit – ants, most of them Druse, some Muslim and Christian, as well as one Jewish family whose ancestors have lived there since the time of the Second Temple.

The heart of the village is a warren of narrow alleys that lead to the old center of Peki’in, the village spring.…

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inBloom: Should You Be Concerned About Student Data Privacy?

There's a story I've been following for a while now about the controversy surrounding a company called inBloom. Backed by the likes of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, inBloom stores student data in an online cloud, including grades, test scores, teacher observations about behavior, and even more sensitive information like special education status, family history and disciplinary records. The supposed goal is to help teachers and schools easily track each student's progress, provide more personalized instruction and inspire digital developers to create new and innovative educational tools.…

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Best Halloween Celebrations for NYC Kids: Top 12 Halloween Events for Families

Jack-o'-lanterns floating on Central Park's Harlem Meer at the annual Halloween Parade & Pumpkin Sail The Brookyn Botanic Garden's colorful Ghouls & Gourds includes kooky creatures… And performers in its giant costume parade The Headless Horseman presides over Prospect Park's annual Halloween Haunted Walk & Halloween Carnival Scary sculptures abound at the New York Botanical Garden's Haunted Pumpkin Garden Young revelers enjoy the Monster Mash at the Brooklyn Children's Museum The Great Jack O' Lantern Blaze in Historic Hudson Valley is the perfect seasonal day trip

It's scary how many ways there are for families to celebrate Halloween in New York City.…

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Michael Solomonov Culinary Tour of Israel

Famous Philadelphia Chef Michael Solomonov to lead Culinary Tour throughout Israel

The internet foodies have been blowing up about Zahav Chef Michael Solomonov’s upcoming trip to Israel. The trip took almost no time to sell out and now thirty-one lucky individuals are about to have the tasting tour experience of their lives.

Google search “Michael Solomonov Israel trip” and get a full page of already published articles about the trip.…

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Five Easy and Fun Halloween Crafts

Halloween Nightlights Glitter Pumpkins Pumpkin Placecard Batty Treat Holder Bottle Cap Spiders

Halloween is in the air, and it's one of my favorite holidays! I love the spookiness and silliness of the season and seeing my kids dressed up in their costumes, their imaginations running wild as they transform into princesses, devils, ladybugs, and vampires.

Last week we told you about Halloween costume swaps for kids.…

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Sunnyside & Woodside with Kids: Top 30 Things to Do for NYC Families

The iconic Sunnyside Arch welcomes visitors to the neighborhood The pretty streets in Sunnyside Gardens are lined with trees and quaint houses A festive display in Sunnyside Gardens Woodside Plaza is one of many small green spaces in Woodside Woodside Avenue, the neighborhood's commercial hub The shade-filled Lawrence Virgilio Playground in Windmuller Park The Lowers play area in the members-only Sunnyside Gardens Park Local kids enjoy listening to their voices echo underneath the elevated 7 train

Known as Sunny/Wood to us locals, adjacent Queens neighborhoods Sunnyside and Woodside are perpetually lumped together.…

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Mommy Poppins Night at the New Victory Theater: Me and My Shadow Discounted Tickets and Special Activities

Last week, we announced our brand-new partnership with the New Victory and gave you an in-depth preview of the theater's unique, globe-spanning season of family shows. As part of our collaboration, we're proud to announce the first-ever Mommy Poppins Night at the New Victory Theater on Sunday, October 20, an exclusive event where our readers will enjoy a terrific family production, Me and My Shadow, participate in an interactive pre-show workshop and meet the performers afterward.…

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34 Free Halloween Events for Kids in New York City 2013

Every October, New York City hosts a terrifying number of Halloween activities. In fact, there are so many great ways to celebrate, you may need a magic eight ball to decide where to go. Luckily, your kids will be so hopped up on candy, they'll probably have the energy to hit several events in one day.

In honor of the season, we've decided to give parents a real treat: Halloween fun that's easy on the wallet.…

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Luxury with a conscience

THE MALDIVES – It is the end of a seven-hour flight from Istanbul when the window shades start to snap open, grown men and women scramble over each other’s knees and a collective “oohing” and “aahing” fills the plane.

Being a sophisticated world traveler, I of course, do not participate in such nonsense, until I catch a glimpse of the view below and hop out of my seat as well.…

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