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    Jewish Vacation


at home in jerusalem

   Property Details:  

City: jerusalemState: israelCountry: IsraelName of Neighborhood: Geula# of Bedrooms: 3# of Bathrooms: 2.5  

# of Queen Beds: 2# of Full Size Beds: 5

Whom we rent to?


  Property Description:

This charming apartment will make your stay in Jerusalem unforgettable. This apartment is new  complete with all the comforts of home! 2 bedrooms have internet access; spacious and bright with a large balcony 

You will feel tucked away even in the middle of Jerusalem!…

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Top 15 Kosher Restaurants in Paris, France

The number of Kosher restaurants in France has increased spectacularly in the last ten years, especially in Paris. Today, you can find over 250 Kosher restaurants (!) dispersed throughout the capital and its suburbs, catering to the city’s Jewish population of about 300,000 people.

There are numerous culinary styles to choose from and you can taste specialties from all over the world.…

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Q: Are GLATT KOSHER Meals Necessary on El Al Flights?

Recently, there were numerous conversations that took place on Facebook asking “Is Glatt Kosher necessary on El Al?” The question is an interesting one considering that ALL the food on El Al is supposedly kosher. I recently flew El Al (in December) and I automatically ordered a kosher meal (without thinking – that’s my knee jerk reaction when speaking to airline customer service before all international flights), but was notified by their customer service that all of their meals are kosher.…

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Revisiting a Secret Garden Jewish Cemetery in Czech Republic

Looking out from the cemetery. All photos © Ruth Ellen Gruber

By Ruth Ellen Gruber  

(This post also appears on my En Route blog for the Lost Angeles Jewish Journal.)I spent part of this weekend at a bluegrass workshop in the little town of Male Svatonovice, in the north of the Czech Republic, near the Polish border. I was only there to observe, not to join the hundred or so students learning banjo, mandolin, guitar and bass, so I took time to drive half an hour through the back roads to revisit one of my favorite Jewish cemeteries — the isolated walled graveyard at the tiny hamlet of Velka Bukovina.…

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Medieval Jewish Banquet in Italy

Honey-nut sweets served on bay leaves. Photo © Ruth Ellen Gruber

By Ruth Ellen Gruber

This post also appears on my En Route blog for the Los Angeles Jewish Journal.

Biancomangiare, lentil soup, twice-roasted goose with garlic, sweet and sour baked onion salad, Ippocrasso (spiced white wine), honey-nut sweets.

These were the dishes served at a Medieval Jewish banquet that recreated a meal that Jews in Italy might have eaten in the 14th and 15th centuries.…

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In Budapest, a Different Kind of Jewish "Jewish" Cafe

Mazel Tov… Photo © Ruth Ellen Gruber

By Ruth Ellen Gruber

This post also appears on my En Route blog for the Los Angeles Jewish Journal

Thanks to CEU professor Daniel Monterescu for introducing me to the Mazel Tov cafe in Budapest’s 13th district. On first look, it seems similar to the “Jewish style” cafes in Krakow and elsewhere in eastern Europe, where sepia-colored shtetl nostalgia is the norm….But at Mazel Tov the decor is actually very different.…

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Travel Article on Tallinn Estonia

By Ruth Ellen Gruber

(This post also appears on my En Route blog for the Los Angeles Jewish Journal)

I’ve never been to Tallinn, but by all accounts it is a beautiful city. Hadassah Magazine runs a richly detailed travel piece on Tallinn, highlighting in particular detail its Jewish sites and history. The article is by Jono David — a photographer who has roamed the world documenting Jewish heritage sites (his current project is a photo documentation of Jewish sites in Africa).…

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I Speak about Jewish Heritage in Spectacular Florence Venue

 By Ruth Ellen Gruber

(This post also appears on my En Route blog for the Los Angeles Jewish Journal)

I had the pleasure and privilege Sunday of giving a presentation about the Jewish Heritage Europe web site project in Florence, in one of the city’s most prestigious and spectacular venues — the Salone dei Cinquecento of the Palazzo Vecchio, the city hall of Florence, a massive building with a distinctive tower that was originally built at the turn of the 13th and 14th centuries.…

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New books on Jewish heritage in Czech Republic and Poland

Ark in restored synagogue in Jicin, CZ. Photo © Ruth Ellen Gruber

By Ruth Ellen Gruber

This also ran in my En Route blog for the Los Angeles Jewish Journal

I’ve got my hands on two new books that deal with the restoration of historic Jewish sites in Poland and the Czech Republic. Both are oversized, both are bilingual (English and the local language)and both feature a combination of text and photographs.…

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Czech 10 Stars Project

Interior of the synagogue in Mikulov, one of the 10 Stars sites, which is undergoing restructuring as part of the project. Photo © Ruth Ellen Gruber

By Ruth Ellen Gruber

This also appears on my En Route blog for the Los Angeles Jewish Journal

I’ve written an article for JTA about the Czech Republic’s 10 Stars project — an innovative Jewish heritage project that will amount to a nationwide Jewish Museum with 10 thematic exhibits located in 10 restored synagogue in 10 different towns and cities around the country: Úštěk, Jičín, and Brandýs nad Labem to the north; Plzeň and Březnice to the west; Nová Cerekev and Polná in the south-central part of the country; Boskovice, Mikulov and Krnov to the east..…

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Jewish Culture, etc Festivals in Europe 2013

Line to visit synagogue during the 7@Nite festival in Krakow. Photo © Ruth Ellen Gruber

As usual, I am trying to put together a list of as many as possible of the numerous Jewish festivals — culture, film, dance, etc — that take place each year around Europe.  Please help me by sending me information!The big culture festivals and other smaller events make good destinations around which to center a trip.…

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My new publication on Jewish Museums in Europe under Communism

Visitors to a temporary exhibit in the Old Synagogue in Krakow in June 2011. After the devastation of WW2, it was restored in the late 1950s and became a branch of the Krakow Historical Museum. Photo © Ruth Ellen Gruber

By Ruth Ellen Gruber This post also appears on my En Route blog for the Los Angeles Jewish JournalI’m delighted to report that an essay I wrote about Jewish museums in Europe under communism has been published in the latest volume of Studies in Contemporary Jewry:Visualizing and Exhibiting Jewish Space and History(edited by Richard I.…

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Jewish Budapest’s lively street corner

Kazinczy st. Synagogue. Photo © Ruth Ellen Gruber

By Ruth Ellen Gruber

This post also appears on my En Route blog for the Los Angeles Jewish Journal When I was in Budapest last month, I took a look at some of the new cafe and restaurant offerings in the heart of the 7th District — the city’s historic downtown Jewish neighborhood, where I myself have a little apartment.…

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Jewish travel writer extraordinaire Ben Frank featured

By Ruth Ellen Gruber This post also appears on my En Route blog for the Los Angeles Jewish JournalBen G. Frank is one of the most prolific — and well-traveled — writers about Jewish sights, sites, communities, attractions and travels worldwide.

Huffington Post runs a lengthy interview/conversation with him, conducted by Bernard Starr, sparked Frank’s most recent book, The Scattered Tribe: Traveling the Diaspora from Cuba to India to Tahiti & Beyond (Globe Pequot Press, 2011).…

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Door into Presov synagogue, Photo © Ruth Ellen Gruber

By Ruth Ellen Gruber Over the years I have traveled to many Jewish heritage sites all over Slovakia, and I have closely followed the development of the Slovak Jewish Heritage Route — I have posted much in the past on my Jewish Heritage Travel blog. See some of those posts HERE

In its current edition, Hadassah Magazine publishes a lengthy article I wrote detailing this route, the brainchild of tmy friend Maros Borsky.…

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Airlines Flying Direct to Israel – Non-Stop Flights to TLV

I recently received an email detailing that they wanted to fly direct to Israel since they had kids and thus were going to fly El Al (from the NY area I presumed). This is perplexing considering that there are 3 airlines that fly direct from the US to Israel. In case you were wondering, and wanted to avoid layovers on your flights to TLV, I compiled a list of airlines and their departure airports that fly direct to TLV Ben Gurion Airport.…

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Masago Asian Fusion, 5 Towns, NY (Review)

I recently took my wife for a date night and we ended up at the new Masago Asian Fusion in Woodmere, NY (5 Towns). From the outside, the restaurant is a striking bright red, which I found refreshing for a kosher restaurant. The multiple glass doors were kept open due to the beautiful weather, giving the restaurant a more inviting experience.…

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Kosher Food @ Kiamesha Lanes & Other Kosher Restaurant News in the Catskills

As flocks of Jews from New York and around the northeast flock north in the coming days and weeks to the Catskills “the Country”, new restaurants and renovations are being finalized before the summer season:

“BFF” or “Bowl Food Forever” – a new kosher stand opening this Sunday, June 23rd, at Kiamesha Lanes, the bowling alley in the Catskills that is a popular hotspot on Motzei Shabbat.…

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Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Adds Kosher Location to Century 21 Dept. Store in Downtown Manhattan

CBTL inside C21 (Image Source:

Back in April, Century 21 quietly added a branch of Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf inside their refurbished flagship department store (on the 3rd floor) across from the World Trade Center site / Ground Zero.

  According to the CBTL website: All stores in NY have kosher certification by the Kof-K, prominently displayed in stores.…

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