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    Jewish Vacation


Awesome for Travelers & Everyday: SLIM Backpack by Cocoon Innovations (Product Review)

A month ago I received the SLIM backpack from Cocoon Innovations to test and review. Until that point I had been using a Cocoon messenger bag which I had purchased back in 2010 that I really liked. The reason I bought the Cocoon messenger bag initially was because I liked the GridIt system that came with it, a board with all my gadgets or accessories all in one place.…

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   Property Details:  

House Type: Private House

City: South FallsburgState: New YorkCountry: USAName of Neighborhood: Fallsburg# of Bedrooms: 13# of Bathrooms: 7Floor: 2  

# of Full Size Beds: 30 plus 20 additional cots# of Baby Cribs: 3


Suitable for Children

Whom we rent to?

Everyone Kosher

  Property Description:

 15 BR/7 BATH., Single Family Vacation Home,


Accommodate the entire Mishpacha for a family occasion or get-away, with a unique ALL YEAR VACATION HOME.…

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List of Kosher McDonald’s in Israel

Kosher McDonald’s in Israel (Rechovot Mall)

It’s a common misconception that all the McDonald’s restaurants in Israel are Kosher, and that when you are in Israel you can pass by any Mickey D’s and have a guilt-free “cheeseburger” off the Dollar Menu.

This is untrue (for many reasons — what Dollar Menu?!), but luckily there are nearly 50 Kosher McDonald’s spread throughout Israel, certified Kosher by their local Rabbanuts, to satisfy the American kids in all of us who have been lusting after those Chicken McNuggets and Big Macs (known in Israel under a different name) since before we could remember.…

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DEAL: Chicago — Tel Aviv as low as $639 Round Trip, incl. Taxes!

A great deal to Israel from Chicago!

You can fly from Chicago (ORD) to Tel Aviv (TLV) for as low as $639 round trip, including taxes, during January-March of 2014!

See the image below of a search we did using ITA Matrix Software for sample available dates. (We did this search based on flights for 8-15 night stays, so results may differ depending on the length of stay.) The cheapest flights are on Air Canada and have a stopover in Toronto (YYZ).…

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First-Ever Kosher Restaurant & Chabad Open in Malta

Malta can now finally join in the  running for most popular Jewish tourist destination in the Mediterranean now that is has a brand new Kosher restaurant!

Malta, a tiny Mediterranean island, is about one tenth the size of Rhode Island and known for its beautiful harbors and walled cities. One of the newest Chabads out there, the Chabad of Malta opened just 8 months ago in December 2012 and serves the island’s 100 Jewish year-round  residents.…

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AIRFARE DEAL: $370 from NYC > Ecuador and $425 from NYC > Peru

For the more adventurous travelers among us who dare to venture past Miami and Las Vegas, flights to Guayaquil, Ecuador, and Lima, Peru, are now available for only $370-$425 roundtrip, including taxes! These fares are up to $400 off regular roundtrip pricing.

Check out our earlier posts on Kosher options in Ecuador and Peru, and feel free to update us on any new Kosher food and eateries available there when you get back from your amazing trip!…

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Why Chromecast is a Game Changer for Travelers

Over the past few years, we’ve seen numerous streaming TV technologies emerge, most of them similar to one another, with small-ish boxes synced to your TV, giving you access to web content, typically YouTube, Netflix, and others. Apple TV, Roku, and others work well, but are tied to your home TVs.

Roku developed a portable version with their Streaming Stick, a $99 dongle allowing you to access web TV content on TVs anywhere with Internet access.…

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PSA: Kof-K Doesn’t Certify Mobile Food Trucks

The following kashrut notice was posted as a newspaper ad from mid-July.

Please note that at this time, the Kof-K does not cerfify any mobile food carts or trucks. This applies to sandwich trucks, breakfast trucks and especially ice cream trucks.

If you see any mobile unit displaying the Kof-K, please take a picture and email it to

  Additionally, the Kof-K is urging kosher consumers to be cautious about companies using their hechsher.  …

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St. Louis Cardinals’ Busch Stadium Now Home to Kohn’s Kosher Concession Stand

Busch Stadium, home to the St. Louis Cardinals, now one of a handful of sports stadiums in the U.S. to offer Kosher concession stands! Until now, the only Kosher food available at the stadium was hot pretzels, Dippin Dots ice cream, and soft drinks. Together. Josh Rosenbloom and Lenny Kohn of Kohn’s Kosher Deli, a fixture in the local St. Louis Jewish community for over 50 years, created Kohn’s Kosher Cart.…

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Round-up of Jewish cemetery restoration news in Poland

Volunteers clearing up the Jewish cemetery in Zambrów. Photo courtesy of FODZ

By Ruth Ellen Gruber

There’s quite a lot going on in Poland regarding the restoration and preservation of Jewish cemeteries, most of which lay neglected and abandoned for decades.

Check out this post on the Jewish Heritage Europe web site for a round up of various initiatives from Żarki, Zambrów, Błędów, Łabiszyn and Strzelno.…

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My reflections on the Krakow Jewish Culture Festival

Steve Weintraub & heads of carved Jewish figurines. Photo © Ruth Ellen Gruber I’ve been writing about the Jewish Culture Festival in Krakow for about 20 years, maybe even longer…so I have some historical perspective and memory in its regard. Here’s my latest piece, a first-personer published in The Forward. People who also have long experience with the Festival and with the Jewish development of Krakow praised it for presenting a nuanced view….other people, predictably, didn’t get what I was getting at… Onward and Upward with Matisyahu in Krakow ARTS FEST SHOWS TRANSFORMATION IN POLAND’S REPUTATION By Ruth Ellen Gruber July 19, 2013 KRAKOW — In the sultry darkness of a summer night, a tall, skinny figure with close-cropped hair and a purple T-shirt threaded through a beer garden during Krakow’s Jewish Culture Festival, the annual nine-day extravaganza of performance, exhibition, debate and intensive interaction that for a quarter of a century now has been a catalyst of Krakow’s Jewish cultural revival.…

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Hidden gravestones unearthed at Vienna’s oldest preserved Jewish cemetery

Samson Wertheimer’s tomb — it’s actually a mausoleum, and this is one end. Photo © Ruth Ellen Gruber

By Ruth Ellen Gruber

Three years ago, I posted about Vienna’s oldest preserved Jewish cemetery, the graveyard on Seegasse that dates from the 16th century, now hidden amid new buildings and entered through an old-age home on the site of what was a Jewish hospital.…

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Kosher Restaurants at NYC Restaurant Week 2013

It should come as no surprise, but once again, there are no kosher restaurants participating in the NYC Restaurant Week (3 weeks really) sponsored by American Express, starting July 22nd ending August 16th.


I last wrote about this last summer, and nothing has changed.

Here’s my theory:

Restaurant Week requires restaurants to offer 3-course prix fixe meals for $25 lunches and $38 dinners.…

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Free Slurpee Day at 7-Eleven! Kosher Slurpee List 7/11/13

Happy Free Slurpee Day! The day Slurpee-lovers everywhere look forward to all year has arrived! Today, on 7/11/13, 7-Eleven is giving out FREE 12 ounce Slurpees (42% bigger than the old 7.11 ounce cup) from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m to all customers. According to USA Today, the reason for the larger-sized cups is because moms were complaining that their kids were spilling their Slurpees in the car, and the 12-ounce cups come with lids.…

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New Kosher Asian Restaurant in Aventura, FL: Soho Asian Bar & Grill

Soho Asian Bar & Grill  has recently been added to the list of establishments certified by The Vaad HaKashrus of Miami-Dade. Located in Aventura, Florida, Soho Asian Bar & Grill offers a wide variety of cuisines – everything from Asian dishes, steakhouse favorites, and signature tapas. Guests can choose to dine indoors or on the large outdoor patio. The stylish atmosphere and chic environment makes this restaurant an easy choice for a family dinner, hanging out with friends, a date, or even a business meeting. …

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5 New Unique Kosher Restaurants in Israel (Jerusalem, Herzlia, Ra’anana, and Moshav Bitzaron)

If there aren’t already enough restaurants in Israel to satisfy the Kosher foodie, here are 5 new ones to welcome into the mix! Each of these restaurants boasts a unique characteristic, from freshly-made pasta to a (new) old train station locale. Check ‘em out for yourself:

La Pavée – (Jerusalem) A gourmet, Kosher L’Mehadrin French grill restaurant located on a quiet corner in central Jerusalem.…

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