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According to the Social Security Administration, there are many Emmas, Sophias, Noahs and Jacobs in the United States. But in Chicago, there’s only one Rahm. Or is there?

Rahm Emanuel, Chicago’s mayor, got to meet with his namesake, six-year-old Rahm Dvir of Netanya, Israel at City Hall this week. The youngster was here with his parents for restorative plastic surgery to correct a birth defect. When Alderman Debra Silverstein was alerted that the boy had completed the third of the three-part surgery, she agreed to facilitate the meeting.

“Rahm was more than overjoyed by the chance to meet Mayor Rahm, as he called him,” said Rabbi Shlomo Crandall, director of Chai Lifeline Midwest, the health support organization that helped Rahm and his family during their three medical visits. “He was in awe of ‘The Other Rahm.’

“It’s been very difficult for Rahm to be separated from his friends and extended family while he’s here for surgery. Chai Lifeline Midwest’s volunteers were great playmates for him and support systems for his parents and grandmother, but the opportunity to meet the Mayor has really lifted his spirits,” Rabbi Crandall continued.

After all, how many mayors named “Rahm” can there be in this world? While it may not be the least popular name in Israel, Rahm hasn’t yet cracked any of the country’s top 10 lists of baby names.

After meeting with the elder Rahm, the younger one flew back home. No word yet on whether Rahm and Rahm will become pen pals, or even Facebook friends.


Photo caption: The two Rahms share a moment of levity. (Left to Right) Alderman Debra Silverstein; Rahm Dvir’s grandmother, Miram Vibon; Mayor Rahm Emanuel; Rahm Dvir; Rachel Drai, Rahm Dvir’s mother; Rabbi Shlomo Crandall, director, Chai Lifeline Midwest; Yoni Burstyn.


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