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SHOCK: Ashdod Councilman Calls On The Jews To Participate In Xmas Celebration

It was a stormy first meeting of the Ashdod City Council on Monday, 25 Kislev, as Councilman Eli Nacht, who got up to speak, called on the community to take part in a Xmas celebration, a call that was met with shouts of disapproval, compelling him to step down from the podium.

During a council meeting in which the mayor presented the new members of the council who addressed the forum, a new councilman, Eli Nacht, got up to address the meeting. Nacht was a voice of the Reform camp during elections.

At the end of his speech, Nacht said: “I will use this stage to invite the residents of Ashdod to a celebration around the Xmas tree at the Big Center in another week.” Nacht was booed by the crowd for many minutes until he had to interrupt his speech and get off the stage.

After that, Mayor Dr. Yechiel Lasri announced he was going to be Nacht’s babysitter for his entire period in the municipality. Nacht will be a paid deputy mayor in a rotation agreement with Sharon Mark who will serve during the other portion of the rotation. She is a representative of the toeiva community.

Shas has entered the coalition in Ashdod, receiving a deputy mayoral slot, the city’s matnas (community center) portfolio, as well as numerous other portfolios, including heritage and chareidi chinuch.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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